How To Increase Your Libido Naturally

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Libido or sex derive is seem as high hunger for sex. Libido vary from person to person, some have high while others have low tendency for sex.

Low libido is the decrease in desire to participate in sex, while high libido is the appetite for sexual activity.

People lost interest in sexual activity from time to time. It is not a problem having low appetite for sex. Naturally, many male and female have less interest in sexual activity.

In otherwise low sex derive are sometime as a results of underlying health issues.

Low libido can create problems in a relationship, and it can affect your self-esteem. Thanks they’re numbers of natural methods to increase your libido.

However, there are various factors that can increase or decrease your libido. Relationship problem, health condition, stress, testosterone, medication and age have been considered as causes of low libido in some person.

We are going to explore in this article, the best way to increase your libido.

1. Enough Sleep


Sleep is as important as food and water for human survival. Sleeping repair cells, generate  energy and releases molecules such as hormones and protein. Hormones and protein are highly required for improvement of libido. So, getting a sufficient sleep will systematically increase your blood testosterone levels. Lower blood levels of testosterone has been linked to poor sex drive. However, energy is also needed to enhance our sex drive. Sustaining sleeping therapy, helps revival nerves communication and promote overall well-being.

2. Eat Nuts


You can obtain enough selenium after consuming nuts, especially Brazil nuts. It’s an essential minerals that has potential to increase production of testosterone, and maintenance of reproductive system. The presence of selenium in Brazil nut act as coenzymes which is responsible for many metabolic activities in the body. In fact, your liver stands chance of getting enough support to detoxify harmful substance and optimize cholesterol in order to facilitate production of testosterone.

3. Take more vitamin D

Vitamin D is obtained from the sunlight , so getting early morning sunlight for about 15 minutes allow your body produces testosterone. Researchers have concluded that vitamin D helps improve testosterone. It can as well source from food supplement to boost vitamin D blood levels.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains epicatechin, a antioxidant that help increase production of nitric oxide – this is important in enhancing erections. Incorporating adequate amount will revamp your libido.

5. Eat Fats


Consuming adequate amount of fats contained food is very impressive as it help improve production of sex hormone, especially testosterone. As stated earlier, low testosterone impaired formation of hormone. Foods like fatty fish, nuts, avocados, dairy product are excellent source of essential fatty acids. Moderate intake of saturated fat also assist in production of cholesterol, which in turn boost your libido.

6. Weight Reduction

It is a well known fact that moderate intake of  nutrients, drugs contributes profoundly at keeping you  healthy  whereas Overconsumption of nutrients is often characterized with health challenges. Excess intake of fat is not excluded, therefore the amount of fat you carry determines how sexually drive you’re. Fat is a component of testosterone which may convert to estrogen. Hence, obesity or overweight can negatively impact on your erection. It is much better to loss weight, if you’re overweight or obese so to improve your libido.

7. Clove essential oil

Clove oil is very beneficial as it help facilitate circulation of blood round the entire body,even the genital part. Diluting it in water is said to increase sex drive, thus enhancing your libido. Eugenol is a natural compound found in clove essential oil which is linked to the improvement of general well- being.

8. Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli essential oil is also known for  combating sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, low libidos and lack of sexual drive. People use patchouli oil  as home remedy to treat sexual issues.




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