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Your generous donation enable us pay medical bill for those down with chronic diseases, hospitalised and cannot pay hospital bills. 

Pay patient’s  medical bill: is a health-focused organisation that pay medical bills for individuals who are down with chronic diseases like cancer, kidney, liver, diabetes, heart failure among others that cannot pay their hospital bill..

Pray for those in the hospital diagnosed of chronic  diseases.  Donate for their treatment. 

Donate for medical bill 

Your kind donation today, helps in reviving hope, care to patients  who are diagnosed of chronic diseases that cannot afford hospital bill.

Every dollar you donate enable us create a world where every patient diagnosed of chronic diseases are not denied medication due to fund.

Seeking $10000 for kidney transplant


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Pay patient’s medical bill; has greatly aid payments of admission fees, and clearance of medical bills of people down with chronic diseases like  cancer,  kidney,  diabetes,  liver disease in various hospitals around the world.


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