Oyo Dispatch riders phone number & jobs in Nigeria

Oyo Dispatch riders phone number & jobs in Nigeria

If you have a dispatch rider, purchasing items online becomes very simple, fast and cheaper.

Regardless of the location you are in Oyo metropolis, dispatch riders always make it faster in delivering any items you bought online or offline.

Buying goods online, having it within some minutes at your residence are features of a dispatch rider.

For the fact that you can get your order delivered at your door step, on time and cheaper when compared to other means of delivery, shows how powerful dispatch service is.

This fantastic service could be hindered when you do not have access to any dispatch rider around Oyo metropolis.

Surprisingly, if you’re searching for a Dispatch job, this post is for you.

Dispatch service is one of the quickest growing delivery service in Nigeria. It does not need physical office to start, just your smart phone, time, energy and good motorcycle.

15k-20k daily may be possible in dispatch work, provided you have established healthy relationship with supermarket, boutique, restaurants, hotels among others

This article will connect you to dispatch riders, dispatch vacancy in Oyo & places to meet potential customers.

Oyo dispatch riders Phone number

If you are interested in having a reliable dispatch rider for home delivery, submit your phone number, email address, location, name on the comment box.

Dispatch vacancy in Oyo

This is designed for those who are searching for a motorcycle, bike to start dispatching service.

To connect you to those who can provide a motorcycle for dispatch service.

To apply write down your name, location, gender, Education background, phone number and Age on the comment box.


Primary school leaving certificate

Senior Secondary Certificate

Years of working experience in dispatch job

Good communication skills

Must be familiar with different routes in Oyo.

Places to get potential Costumers in Oyo

Places to get potential Costumers include supermarket, boutique, restaurants, hotels, motor park, market, Facebook, Instagram among others.

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Dispatch riders of Nigerian


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Dispatch service provide you that opportunity to receive items you purchased online within short period of time.

Submit your details will enable us connect you to potential customers and dispatch job provider.

There are places you can meet people that will profoundly require your service such as market, Facebook, restaurants, hotels among others.

Oyo Dispatch riders phone number & jobs in Nigeria


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