12 Popular Qatari foods & Health Impacts

12 Popular Qatari foods & Health Impacts

It is not a mistake to say that Qatarian foods are superb, as they are known for their rich culinary tradition.

They are tasty, fresh, flavourful and possess vital nutrients which play a significant role in overall well-being of the body.

Most dishes of Qatarians include Machbūs, Kabsa, Majboos, Mathrooba, Mathrooba are heavily influenced by countries like Indian, Persian, Middle Eastern cuisines.

Let’s explore 12 popular Qatari foods & Health Impacts.

1. Machbūs

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This is a popular food in Qatar, made up of spiced rice cooked with meat, as well as other ingredients like onions, carrots, and tomatoes. It is packed with raisins, nuts, and served with a side of yogurt.

Consuming adequate amount of Machbūs earn you substantial amount of nutrients like dietary fiber, Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2, iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, protein, potassium, quercetin, flavonoid, lycopene, caroteneoid, fat.

2. Kabsa

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This is a traditional food of Qatar, though posses same characteristics of Machbūs. It is a spiced rice dish, cooked with chicken or goat and other healthy spices such as cinnamon, cloves, saffron and cardamom.

Evidently, kabsa consists of numerous nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber, fat soluble vitamins, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron, quercetin, flavonoid, Zeaxanthin, among others.

3. Harees

Harees is not only eaten by Qatar citizen, but also commonly consumed in many Arabic countries. Ground wheat, meat and spices are slowly cooked until a porridge-like consistency is obtained. Harees is massively consumed during holy month of Ramadan and traditional events.

Harees contains iron, thiamin, calories, natural compounds, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium.

4. Majboos

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Majboos is a delicious meal prepared with rice mixture of spices and chicken, lamb. Other ingredients include, tomatoes, onions, garlic and various spices like turmeric, cumin and black lime.

It comprises of lycopene, Beta-carotenoid, flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, protein, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron etc

5. Balaleet

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There’s no doubt, balaleet offers numerous benefits in the body. It is a sweet and savory food made from combination of different food ingredients such as vermicelli noodles, eggs, saffron and cardamom.

Even though it is eaten in the morning, balaleet consists of protein, vitamins, minerals, natural compounds.

Sometime People top balaleet with sugar, nuts or rosewater.

6. Mathrooba

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Mathrooba is a famous Qatari food cooked from mashed rice and chicken. The ingredients are cooked together with spices for some minutes.

A serving of Mathrooba daily, offers you substantial amount of nutrients and bioactive compounds such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber, iron, selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin E, flavonoids, quercetin and thiamine.

7. Margoog

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Margoog is a healthy stew, made with meat, vegetables, spices, wheat flour as well as water. Be sure it form a thick and satisfying texture while cooking Margoog.

Not just it contains protein, there are other important nutrients found in Margoog such as iron, fat, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper, dietary fiber.

8. Luqaimat

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Luqaimat serve as dessert or snack in Qatarian cuisine. The dough balls is actually season with sesame seeds or powdered sugar.

9. Qatar-style Grilled Fish

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Adding spices and herbs Grilled Fish makes it releases pleasant aroma and shocking benefits.

10. Thareed

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Regardless of how it is being prepared, you still derive copious amount of nutrients and bioactive compounds when consumed.

The health-promoting dish is made from mixture of different ingredients such as rich red sauce, chicken or lamb, vegetables, bread, etc .

These ingredients contains dietary fiber, antioxidant which help improve immune system and eliminate dangerous oxidant.

11. Karak

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This is a popular tea in Qatar. To produce it, you need milk, cardamom and sugar.

Science has revealed that regular consumption of karak help boost your bone health as it contains milk, a rich source of Calcium.

12. Spring Potato

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It is made from potato and other ingredients.

Qatar Popular food Health Benefits

Antibacterial properties: many of Qatari Popular foods are prepared with spices which contains antibacterial properties. This enables our body to resist growth of harmful bacteria.

Promote immune system: They are packed with various ingredients like tomatoes, chicken, milk, turmeric, cabbage, lemon among others. Regular intake of these foods earn you vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, iron, lycopene, caroteneoid that are helpful in terms of optimising your immune system.

Source of Energy: They are typically loaded with calories. Eating appropriate amount offers you copious amount of energy.

May prevent cancer: lack of dietary fiber, antioxidant, selenium, vitamin C, may increase risk cancer whereas adequate consumption of these nutrients may help surprise your chances of developing cancer –

Maintains Heart Health: Incorporating those prepared with turmeric, saffron, leafy green vegetable, ginger, white meat, sesame oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, among others can help prevent atherosclerosis, a leading causes of heart attack.

Aid Digestion: dietary fiber, and natural compounds are primary components of various ingredients used in cooking Qatarian foods. These ingredients include grains, legumes, spices and vegetables.

Dietary fiber plays a very crucial role in human body, by improving digestive system and minimizing indigestion. This is done by cleaning up the digestive track, decreasing difficulties in passing out stool.

There is no doubt that Qatarian foods are loaded with nutrients.

They covers wide range of health benefits include; Digestion, immunity, heart health among others.

12 Popular Qatari food & Health Benefits; Kabsa, Majboos, Mathrooba, Mathrooba etc



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