15 Popular Armenia food & Health Benefits

15 Popular Armenia food & Health Benefits

Armenian dishes are different meals prepared primarily with locally produced ingredients, housing abundance of essential nutrients designed for many bodily functions.

Opting for one at any restaurants around Armenian cities will earn you reasonable amounts of calories, vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, bioactive compounds as well.

Bear in mind that Armenian dishes are greatly influenced by its cultural heritage. Most traditional foods commonly eaten in Armeni’s restaurants include, Dolma, Harissa, Lavash, Ghapama etc

Regardless of its being unpopular across the world, Armeni cuisine consists of fresh ingredients, flavourful, spicy, tasty, nutritious as well.

This article will explain 15 popular Armenia food & Health Benefits

1. Khorovats

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This is a grilled meat. It comprises of marinated pieces of pork or lamb cooked over an open flame. It has a distinctive taste due to spices used in preparing it. Khorovats is served alongside drinks of your choice. Khorovats is sold in almost every restaurant in Armenian.

In terms of nutrition, Khorovats is known for its large amount of vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 selenium, zinc, copper, protein, dietary fiber, iron, bioactive compounds.

2. Dolma

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Dolma is a popular food in Armenia. You can find it in Armenian restaurants around the world. Though, this traditional food is made with grape leaves as well as other ingredients like mixture of rice, ground meat, herbs, spices, cabbage and eggplant.

Additionally, Dolma plays a pivotal role in the body as a result of the nutrients and phytochemicals packed in dolma. You can try a serving of dolma in your daily meals in order to obtain Dolma’s benefits. Examples of nutrients are protein, iron, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C.

3. Lavash

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Lavash is a popular bread in Armenian. Lavash is mostly served during breakfast. A properly baked lavash has a good texture.

Consuming lavash with other traditional meal offers you a plethora of nutrients such as calories.

4. Harissa

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Harissa is one of the popular food in Armenia. Eaten Harissa prepared with chicken gives a satisfactory taste and joy. It is actually a hearty porridge cooked by mixing wheat and meat.

After consuming adequate amount of Harissa, your body obtain vital nutrients required for many bodily functions. Examples of nutrients include, iron, fat soluble vitamins, selenium, carbohydrates, protein to name a few.

5. Ishkhan (Sevan trout)

This is among the seafood sold in almost every restaurant in Armenian, especially from Lake Sevan. Whether you grilled or fried it, Sevan trout is served with a side of fresh lemon as well as herbs.

Importantly, ishkhan is known as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fat, dietary fiber and natural compounds

6. Ghapama

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This is another traditional food eaten widely during holidays in Armenian. It is also refers as a festive dish because of it’s influence in the cultural heritage.

This nutrient-packed food is prepared with rice, dried fruits, nuts, honey, pumpkin and spices.

Ghapama contains dietary fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, antioxidant.

7. Gata

Gata is a popular baked food in Armenia. It’s made with layers of dough, butter, sugar and cinnamon.

Gata is regarded as a sweet snack that can eaten with any drink of your choice. Armenian’s restaurant have a special way of presenting gata to their potential customers.

Despite being a baked food, it contains reasonable amounts of calories, natural compounds, minerals and vitamins.

8. Sujukh

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Sujukh is a traditional Armenian sweet. Ingredients involves in making Sujukh include walnut or almonds, boiled grape juice and flour mixture.

Sujukh comprises of vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc, B vitamins, phytochemicals.

9. Armenian cheese

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Armenia cheese is superb. It is one of those cheese you would want to eat all day. Some varieties of Armenian cheeses include Lori, Chanakh and Motal.

It contributes considerably in providing calories, fat, sodium among others.

10.Tan (yogurt)

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Yogurt is an integral part of Armenian cuisine; it serve as sauces and dressings.

11. Cig Kofte

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Cig kofte is a popular food that provides substantial amount of protein and minerals.
The meatball is made from ground lamb, beef, or goat, mixed with bulgur, onions, spices, and tomato or pepper paste.

People enjoy cig Kofte, topped with lemon and oil, tomatoes, bell peppers etc to boost its nutritional profile.

12. Fasulya

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Fasulya is traditional food of Armenian. It is cooked with dried beans mixed with spices, herbs, garlic, and walnuts.

13. Kchuch

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Another highly nutritious food, that you love to add on your food plan all day.

The meat and stew dishe is mixed with of seasoned pieces of lamb meat, and onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

Regular consumption of this food offers you with abundance of nutrients like protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, protein, antioxidant.

14. Zhingyalov Hats

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Zhingyalov Hats is thought to originate from artsekh of Armenian.

It is made by combining flour to form dough which contain green like cilantro, parsley, spring onions, dill, spinach, lettuce, and beet tops.

15. Manti

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Manti provides energy, vitamins minerals, dietary and antioxidant.

Armenia traditional food Health Benefits

Increase immunity: Lack of adequate diet decreases immune system whereas nutrient-dense foods helps promote immune system. These nutrients include protein, dietary fiber, bioactive compounds, among others.

Promote Eye care: You can benefit from Armenian foods if consumed substantial amount of them. They are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, Beta-carotenoid. Vitamin A is generally known for maintaining and prevention of eyesight.

Support skin & Hair: Must of Armeni foods are vital in collagen synthesis, reduces premature aging and wrinkles; thanks to the presence of vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidant. They help reduce effect of Ultra Violent rays on the skin, treat stretch mark, acne among many others.

Prevent Cancer: They are an excellent source of quercetin, anethole even coumeric acid. These helps reduce inflammation and consequently eliminate cancerous cells. By inhibiting free radicals, abnormal cell growth and promote proper functions of the body.

Maintains Heart Health: They are typically loaded with dietary fiber, flavonoids, quercetin, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E. These nutrients and phytochemicals, flavonoids, quercetin, are very advantageous in terms of heart health, reducing excessive build up or plaques in the blood vessels and preventing oxidation of cholesterol.

Aid Digestion: A new study suggests that incorporation of Armenian traditional food, may aid efficient digestion of food since they contain dietary fiber, and antioxidants properties.


There is no doubt that Armenia dishes are loaded with numerous nutrients and influences by its cultural heritage.

15 Popular Armenia food & Health Benefits; manti, Zhingyalov Hats, Kchuch, Ishkhan, Lavash etc.


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