14 Maldives traditional food & Health Benefits

Don’t forget Maldives if you’re sourcing for a better place to eat seafood foods, coconut as well as tropical fruits. This makes Maldives foods among the healthiest meal in South Asian.

While gathering ingredients, Maldives foods are locally obtained, given it a flavorful, tasty, and aromatic dish. They are delicious and nutritious, just eat with varieties of toppings.

These dishes are prepared using ingredients harvested from the countries which reflects their culinary tradition.

Trip to Maldives offers you chances of eating Garudhiya, Mas Huni, Rihaakuru, Fihunu Mas to name a few. A must-try, be sure you eat in a restaurants at the cities.

This article will explain 14 Maldives traditional food & Health Benefits

1. Garudhiya

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Garudhiya is a special food in Maldives as it’s prepared with traditional food ingredients such as tuna, onions, fish broth and spices. You may serve Garudhiya alongside steamed rice lime, as well as chili paste. Interestingly, these ingredients are store-houses of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

2. Mas Huni

Maldives citizens eat mas Huni as breakfast meal. Mas Huni is cooked by mixing shredded smoked fish, grated coconut, onions and chilli. It is served with roshi or chapati(flatbread). There are large amounts of nutrients in Mas Huni like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, quercetin, flavonoid, zine, iron among others.

3. Rihaakuru

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This act as condiment in cooking numerous dish in Maldives. It consists of tuna and spices. The tuna provides our body with fat soluble vitamins and protein.

4. Hedhikaa

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Hedhikaa is among the savory snacks predominantly sold in many restaurants and streets of Maldives. You can also other varieties of snacks such as bajiyaa, keemia, theluli, and masroshi. They comprises of fat, protein, minerals to name a few.

5. Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni is a delicious meal. It is made with ripe bananas, fresh coconut, lime juice as well. Boshi Mashuni is gaining massive acceptance in Maldives due to its distinctive flavors and textures.

6. Huni Roshi

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Even though Huni Roshi is eaten in the morning, I like eating Huni Roshi at lunch. To majority of people living in Maldives, Huni Roshi is a snacks that is served with grated coconut joined with chili and spices. It offers a lot of essential nutrients and bioactive compounds.

7. Fihunu Mas

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Fihunu Mas is a popular food in Maldives. To prepare fihunu Mas, you have to grill fish, add spice, chili, and lime juice. Often time, it has a smoky flavor because of the method of preparation. Nutritionally, fihunu Mas contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, quercetin, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iron, B vitamins.

8. Gulha

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It is a deep-fried dough balls packed with a mixture of smoked fish, onions, and spices. Gulha is a popular snack in the Maldives. Gulha consists of vitamins, minerals, fat and antioxidant.

9. Sai Mai

People use sai Mai as sweet dessert in Maldives. Sai Mai is produced from vermicelli noodles, coconut milk, and sugar. You can flavored sai Mai with rose water or pandan leaves.

Nutrients you can derive from sai mai include protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, calcium, dietary fiber , fat soluble vitamins.

10. Muguriha

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Muguriha is known for its unique flavor. People typically eat muguriha with rice. It is seasoned with few species.

Muguriha is not exceptional in terms of nutrients support, riboflavin, thiamin, iron vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates.

11. Bondibaiy

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Even though people eat bondibaiy during special occasions, some prefer eating it daily to derive essential nutrients. The steamed rice is mixed sugar, rose syrup, and pandan leaf. You can eat alongside spicy chicken.

12. Kulhimas

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A popular dishes in Maldives,consists of fish, toasted spices, chili spices. Most people eat kulhimas as breakfast meal.

13. Katlas

Katlas is made by mixture of mashed potato and canned tuna, raw egg, and mixture of bread crumbs

14. Bajiya

It is snacks.

Maldives popular food Health Benefits

Maintains Skin & hair: Maldives foods exhibits antifungal, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, these are potent for skin and hair disorder. They help in minimizing oxidative stress, a major cause of skin infection. Bacteria and viral infection are removed by eating Maldives foods cooked with spices since it possess antimicrobial properties. Vitamin E is also found in Maldives food that also act as an antioxidant, show they reduce wrinkles and spots.

Boost immunity; To speed up the body defence mechanism, foods rich in nutrients are needed. Many Maldives foods contain vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, copper, iron and capsaicin. All these nutrients work together so as to boost immune system. Most importantly, vitamin C assist maintain white blood cells.

Promote eye health: various ingredients used in cooking Maldives foods contain vitamin A, a beta-carotenoid and B vitamins. Prevention of night blindness, muscular degeneration and improvement of eyesight is associated with vitamin A content in chili pepper, an ingredients in Maldives food. Seasoning your meal with this delicious spice offers you a warm and a healthy eyesight.

May prevent cancer: consumption of Maldives foods may help detoxifier toxic and harmful substance that can trigger growth of cancerous cells. They have anticarcinogenic enzymes which can minimize cancer growth.

Aid Digestion: In digestion of food, there are essential enzymes and compounds required for sufficient digestion such as hydrochloric acid, found in the stomach of humans. It is believed that Maldives foods ingredients help in digestion of food by accelerating secretion of this acid.

Maintains Heart Health: They play another significant role in the heart since they contain flavanoid. This natural compound is very beneficial to the heart health. Taking adequate amount remain sure way to obtain the benefits.

Energy sources: Maldives foods are widely known for energy generation, thanks for it carbohydrate content. Taking them does a lot of work in human body, even in promoting immune system. To keep fit and energetic, Maldives foods are recommended.


Maldives foods are flavourful and contributes greatly in many bodily functions.

14 Maldives traditional food & Health Benefits include: Mas Huni, Garudhiya, Mas Huni, Rihaakuru etc

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