How to get Kazakhstan visa without agent

Kazakhstan is among the largest countries across the globe, with the population of 18.4 million people.

You need visa to visit Kazakhstan even though some countries are on visa- free.

If your country is not among check out steps to obtain visa on all category.

How to get Kazakhstan visa without agent 

Step 1

Determine the visa type: To obtain any types of visa you need to identify the type of visa that matches your purpose of travel. There various forms of visa such as tourist, business, transit as well as work visa. Bear in mind that each type of visa has it own requirement.

Step 2

Gather the required documents: after identifying the type of visa that suits your purpose, properly arrange all the vital documents required by the embassy.

Step 3

Completed visa application form: check for the website of your country embassy or consulate in your country.

Things you need to fill in the application forms


Your passport must be valid before applying for any forms of visa.

Passport-sized photos: Check for the appropriate passport-size required size and format.

Invitation letter: Visa type like business or work visa may require invitation from your sponsor organisation in Kazakhstan

Travel itinerary: evidence and comprehensive details of flight bookings, accommodation reservations, and any planned activities.

Proof of financial means: They will need to see reasonable amounts of money that would cover your expenses during the trip. Bank statements, traveler’s cheques, or letter statements from employer indicating your financial stability might be required.

Travel insurance: Depending on the visa type, you may provide proof of travel insurance that covers the duration of your stay.

Other supporting documents: This depend on the visa category. Check with the embassy for comprehensive list of requirements.

Step 4

Submit the application: when you must have gathered all the important documents, look for the Kazakhstan embassy in your country to submit the application. Try avoid mistakes in providing all the necessary details concerning visa processing guide line.

Step 5

Pay the visa fee: visa fees varies especially country and category of visa you’re applying for. Therefore, confirm the exact fee with the embassy in your country.

Step 6

Attend an interview: interview is an integral part of your visa processing requirements. Always prepared to answer questions concerning your travel plans, and supporting documents.

Step 7

Wait for processing: It may take embassy three weeks to process your visa. Though visa processing may vary, hence apply months ahead of your planned departure date.

Step 8

Collect your visa: If the embassy approved your visa, collect it and make sure you check the authenticity of the visa and any particular condition stated on the visa.

Frequently ask questions 

How long does it take to get an invitation letter from Kazakhstan? Answer: Processing time is 5 – 8 working days

Is Kazakhstan visa-free? Answer: if you hold Indian visa you can travel to Kazakhstan on free visa.

What happens if you overstay your visa in Kazakhstan? Answer: Overstaying your visa may result in severe penalties.

Which country has the cheapest visa fee from Nigeria? Answer: Singapore – 23 dollars

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How to get Kazakhstan visa without agent;

Upload your resume on the official website of Kazakhstan

Be sure you add all the necessary documents

Submit the invitation letter given to you by Kazakhstan

Fill in the visa application form

Pay the visa fee

Print out the e-visa




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