Get Kuwait visa from Nigeria without agent

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If you wish to visit Kuwait for work, study or on tourist bases, you need a visa. Though some countries such as Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia may enter Kuwait without visa.

Here, are how to get Kuwait visa from Nigeria without agent

Step 1

Identify The Visa Type: know that there are different type of visa, when it comes to travelling to other countries of the world. They include work visa, tourist visa, business visa among others.

Step 2

Choose the Visa type you need; It is important you determine the type of visa you need as each of them has different requirements and approach.

Step 3

Locate Kuwait Embassy in Nigeria: look for the official website of the Kuwait Embassy in Nigeria or contact them directly to get a list of needed document for that particular visa you are applying for.

Step 4

Things you need before filling the visa form:
Valid Passport
Passport- size photograph
Proof of travel arrangements
Other supporting documents

Step 5

Complete the application form: In filling out the visa form, ensure that what you are writing on the application form is same with what you have on your supporting document and Passport.

Step 6

Gather your supporting document: arrange the supporting documents according to the requirement given by the Kuwait Embassy. Examples of supporting documents are flight itineraries, hotel reservations, bank statements, invitation letters, employment letters, among others.

Step 7

Pay the visa fee: Kuwait visa fee, depend on the type of visa, duration of the visa. Find out the current price and the payment method provided by the Embassy.

Step 8

Submit the application Form: you are to submit the application form the moment you complete. Be sure you include all the important documents as well as the payment receipts.

Step 9

Attend an interview: some visa may require interview while others may not. In fact, the type of visa you are going for determines if interview would be needed. However, prepare your yourself, identify the main purpose of your visit, be extremely ready to answer questions related to your application.

Step 10

Track your application: Kuwait Embassy in Nigeria may give you a reference number or receipts that enables you check the status of your visa application. This could be online or at the Kuwait Embassy in Nigeria or your country.

Step 11

Collect your Visa: You would be issued a visa once, your application has been approved. Try as much as possible to go through the visa, ensure that everything written on the visa correspond with what you have on your document before leaving the Embassy.

Address of Kuwait Embassy in Nigeria:

24 Yedseram Street, Maitama Abuja Nigeria.



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Visa requirements and process do change periodically. It is advised you visit Kuwait Embassy in Nigeria for accurate information.

How to get Kuwait visa from Nigeria without agent include: Identification of visa type,  Application form,  supporting documents among others.



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