Gwari traditional food & Health Benefits

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Gwari or Gbagyi is a tribe located mainly in Niger, Nasarawa, and kaduna state. Gwari people are among the biggest ethnic group in Nigeria.

Available records shows that gwari people are approximately 5.6 million in population(1) .

It is believed that majority of Gwari people are predominantly farmers whose agricultural produce reflects their traditional cuisine.

Gwari traditional food are those local food made from ingredients produced within the communities of Gwari or Gbagyi which serve as staple food and offers overall well-being.

Furthermore, Gwari traditional food are typically delicious and nutritious as there are no preservatives in them.

Let’s explore Gwari or Gbagyi traditional food & Health Benefits

Tuwo shinkafa 

Tuwo shinkafa is serve as traditional food of Gwari people. It is produced from pounded rice flour. Whether you eat tuwo shinkafa with Miyan Kuka or miyan geda it provides energy, vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidant.

2. Dambu Nama

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Dambu Nama is a popular snack of the Gwari people. It is made from sun-dried meat. People use it in soup and stew. Generally, meat is an excellent source of essential amino acids, protein which contributes greatly in promoting muscle growth, and repair  (2) .

3. Miyan Taushe

This a traditional food of Gwari people, though it is made from pumpkin leaves and other food ingredients such as meat, fish, and spices. It provides abundance of nutrients and antioxidant to the body (3).

4. Gwaten
This is a popular food of Gwari people. Its cooked from ground melon seeds, meat, and spices. Gwaten food can be eaten with tuwo or rice. Gwari soup contains healthy fat, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

5. Kilishi

Kilishi is a popular meat found on almost all the streets and houses of Gwari community. It is made from beef. Gwari are good sources of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Gwari traditional food Health Benefits

Dietary fiber: Many of Gwari foods are loaded with dietary fiber, making them healthy foods for many bodily functions. For example, they help eliminate symptoms of indigestion as they boost beneficial bacteria in the gut (4)

Promote healthy skin: Regular consumption of Gwari traditional food earn you substantial amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E as well antioxidant. These nutrients play a significant role in maintaining and prevention of skin diseases. They help stop progression of oxidative damages.

Improve muscle growth and repair: They are rich source of protein, hence increasing muscle growth and repair. It is believed that protein has a diverse role in the body. They’re the building block and hormone that facilities metabolic activities in the body.

Boost immune system: Defend the body against pathogens such as bacteria, virus and fungal. Whereas Gwari traditional food contains a considerable amount of nutrients like vitamin C, A, E, iron, protein and antioxidant that has efficacy to improve immune system.

May maintain blood pressure: They contain magnesium, potassium, capsaicin, flavonoids, Beta-carotenoid which have been proven to moderate blood pressure. The antioxidant is known for elimination of plaques in the blood vessels.

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Gwari traditional food are locally prepared food and eaten by the people of the region.

They are store-houses of essential nutrients our body needs for proper maintenance.

Gwari traditional food & Health Benefits include
Dambu Nama, kilishi, tuwo shinkafa, Gwaten among others.

Health benefits include, immune system, muscle growth and repair, moderation of blood pressure, skin and hair care

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