Health Benefits & Nutritional Fact of kilishi

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Kilishi is a dried meat made from goat, cow, sheep, camel, and donkeys which has similar taste with suya.

In Nigeria, kilishi is also known as “beef jerky” though originated in Northern part of Nigeria. Presently, kilishi is extensively found and eaten in every part of Nigeria (1)

Kilishi is prepared by slicing either cow or goat into slim sheets, sun-dried, roast, coated with pasta or labu (2).
Labu or pasta is gotten from yagi, salts, onions, ginger, and cayenne pepper seeds as well as groundnut.

However, Kilishi plays a pivotal role in the body since it is a protein rich foods. It supports immune system, prevent anemia among others.

Nutritional Fact of kilishi
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6

Health benefits & Nutritional Fact of kilishi

1. Improve immune system

In the human body, immune system is very important; it shield us against effect of harmful pathogens such as bacteria, fungal as well as virus.

It’s failure to protect the body against the growth of these pathogens, predisposes us to chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, cold, among others.

Eating a varieties of nutrients dense-food is advised by health practitioner and nutritionists. Food like kilishi is packed with nutrients necessary for immune Boosting and overall well-being.

2. Enhance muscles growth

Kilishi is an excellent source of protein, iron, vitamin B12, and selenium which help in maintaining the body.

To build muscle, protein is extremely important because  of the amino acids, the building blocks of protein assist in repair and maintenance of the muscles tissues

Replacing your high carb intake with low carb and substantial amount of protein rich-foods like kilishi can significantly improve your muscles and keep accumulation of fat at bay.

3. Promote Growth

One of the primary functions of protein rich-foods is enhancement of growth, especially children and adolescent.

Adequate amount of kilishi can greatly increase your serum level of iron and stimulates production of vital hormone required for growth.

Several studies conducted demonstrated that inadequate intake of proteineous food may lead to kwashiorkor, and others malnutritional problems.

4. May improve eye health

Consumption of kilishi can help improve your eye performance owing to the presence of iron, vitamin A, and protein.

Lack of vitamin A has been associated with poor eye sight whereas normal serum level of vitamin A help prevent symptoms of eye defects.

Additionally, garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger and onion are used in preparation of kilishi meat.

These ingredients are packed with antioxidant which can smartly ward off free radicals, a known factors of muscles degeneration.

5. Prevent Anemia

Weakness, fatigue, hair decoration are symptoms of anemia. Studies have shown that regular consumption of proteineous food especially, food of animal source help prevent anemia.

Iron, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc are also found in kilishi when you consume any cut of it. They enable our body sufficiently decrease symptoms and signs of anaemia.

6. Weight loss

According to researchers, eating low caloric foods help in weight loss. Kilishi is a low caloric foods.

Therefore, if your on weight loss plan, you may consider adding kilishi since it do not contain much fat.

7. May provide energy

Kilishi can also assist in terms of energy generation, despite being low caloric food.

When the body’s blood glucose levels has gone so low, the body source energy from the muscles and adipose tissues in order to keep you walking until you take food. This process occurs when you are fasting.

8. Keto-diet

Replacing high carbohydrates food to a low caloric foods food like kilishi can help you stop development of numerous diseases. Kilishi is a low caloric foods, making it an alternative for those on weight reduction plan

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Kilishi is nutritious and contributes largely in the body.

Be sure you purchase kilishi made from a hygienic environment.

If you’re diagnosed of hypertension, talk to a dietitians for expert purposes as much salt is added to it during preparation.

Health benefits & Nutritional Fact of kilishi include; Immune Boosting,  anemia, and eye sight.

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