Okoho Soup: Nutrition & Benefits

Food and Nutrition

Okoho Soup is a delicious meal loaded with essential nutrients, which promote general well-being of the body.

The traditional food is extensively prepared, and eaten in Benue state, North Nigeria where it is believed to have be originated.

One of the ingredients used in making okoho isĀ  from a plant known as “Cissus populnea” and a member of the Amplidaceae (Vitaceae) family.

The okoho stick is very slimy after using it in preparing okoho Soup. It has pleasant aroma but often brown in appearance. Whether you apply oil during cooking or not, okoho Soup is superb.

To make it more appetising, okoho Soup is garnished with Bush meat, and fish.

In fact, to obtain energy, and other benefits, okoho is eaten with pounded yam, semolina, and Eba or Garri.

Traditionally, every event organised in idoma land, such as traditional marriage, weeding, burial ceremony, weeding, festival and birthday, okoho Soup is prepared and served to the guest.

Okoho Soup gained massive adoption in Benue state and other northern state owing to its medicinal benefits.

Nutritional profile
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic acid
Beta-carotenoid (1)

Okoho Soup: nutrition & health benefits

1. May Aid digestion

Regular intake of okoho Soup can technically improve your digestive system. There are certain percent of fiber in okoho which help in combating factors attributed to indigestion.

2. Prevent anemia

Deficiency of iron is associated with poor intake of either animal or plant sources of iron rich foods.

Okoho Soup is packed with rich sources of iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin B-6. Iron helps in formation of red blood cells.

Hence, adequate consumption of iron-rich foods helps in decreasing risk of iron deficiency (2)

Iron is essential for proper functions of the hemoglobin.

3. Source of protein

Okoho Soup has abundance of meat, fish which are good sources of protein.

Protein is needed for many functions in the body, ranging from growth, building blocks of muscles, synthesis of hormone necessary for the body (3) .

4. Energy generation

Okoho Soup is eaten with pounded yam, eba or semolina, a primary source of energy. Even protein in Okoho soup is broken down to produce energy. If you have not eaten Benue foods, opt for okoho Soup as its provide enough carbohydrates and energy

5. Eye care

It is not just you’re eating local delicacy but foods that contain Beta-carotenoid, antioxidant that help boost your eyesight and eliminate factors causing eye problems.

A serving of okoho Soup offers you vitamins and minerals including vitamin A. Vitamin A may assist in prevention of muscular degeneration as well as eye defects.

6. Immune system

Okoho Soup help boost immunity. Immune system defend our body against pathogens. It is packed with essential nutrients needed for immune Boosting such protein, iron, selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 among others.

7. Skin care

It is a good of source of soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, E, D, and k. Vitamin E act as antioxidant which fight against bacteria capable of causing skin diseases.
Remember, there’s presence of protein known for cell rejuvenation.


Okoho Soup is nutritious; consume mainly in the Northern part of Nigeria, Benue state.

It supplies energy, vitamins minerals, antioxidant that help maintain our body.

Okoho Soup is eaten with pounded yam, garri, and semolina.

Provide wide range of benefits such digestion, immune system, anemia prevention among others.

Okoho Soup: Nutrition & Benefits

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