10 South African foods high in sodium


There are many South African foods you might not have taken into consideration as high sodium diet.

Many of the food we buy at the grocery are prepared with salt. For example processed meats, salty snacks, cake among others.

Choosing a low sodium diet rather than high sodium diet may greatly reduce your chances of developing blood pressure problem.

Research has shown that large number of people suffering hypertension are mostly caused by excessive consumption of sodium.

Sodium is a component of sodium chloride known as common salt. Sodium is obtained from the dietary source.

It is not only good for preserving food, increase flavor of food but also as an additives( 1)

Adequate amount of sodium in the meal is very essential in fluid balance. Though high amount of sodium are leading causes of heart related diseases (2)

According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) the recommended daily intake for sodium is 1 teaspoon of salt or 2,300 milligram. But if you’re hypertensive you may consider taking 1,000 milligram per day.

This article will explores 10 South African Foods high in sodium

1. Bread

One of the main factors affecting hypertension is imbalance of electrolyte, specifically sodium. Sodium is among the ingredients used in preparation of bread, a baked product. Some food processing industries add much salt while baking bread so as to get a desired taste. Be sure you check the label to avoid those with high percent of salt.

2. Biscuits

Every package biscuits has a reasonable amounts of salt in it. As stated earlier, sodium is a component of salt. Amount of salt added to biscuits vary from one company to another. If you’re on low sodium diet always check the label prior consumption.

3. Cake

Cake is prepared with substantial amount of salt and sugar. High intake of salt is considered as a risk factor of numerous diseases such as hypertension, diabetes among others.

4. Pastries

Is obtained from flour, salt as well as fat. Hence, if you’re struggling with metabolic disease, consult a dietitian before adding pastries to your lunch or breakfast.

5. Butter

In the past few decades, butter has been blamed for increasing risk of blood pressure due to it high salt content. Many industries add much salt than required to improve taste of a products.

6. Cheese

Another product prepared with salt is cheese. Remember to check grams of salt used in making each food you purchase at the grocery. In addition, most of the food’s ingredients contain certain percent of salt; so being mindful of the amount of salt you consume so as not to eat more than required per day will help promote overall well-being.

7. Salty snacks

If you have certain medical conditions you would need to limit your sodium intake in order to manage diseases. It contains high amount of salt making it dangerous to those diagnosed with blood pressure. You can also reduce salt by swapping your salty snacks for carrot, apple, watermelon, and banana ((3).

8. Canned tuna fish

Because of the growing demand for fish and enrich products, many industries add excess salt in their products to preserve and boost its taste. This is a processed fish. Much salt is added to it improve it taste. It is important you check label prior consumption.

9. Pickles

Pickled foods play critical role in the body, aiding weight loss and promoting gut health due to fermentation some of them pass through. However, the high amount of salt used in processing it, is thought to increase risk of stomach cancer as well as hypertension.

10. Meat extract

Meat extracts are commonly used to provide meaty flavors in different processed and packaged foods. It is produced from sources, including chicken, pork, beef, and lamb, are used by manufacturing industries in numerous ready-to-eat food products, like stews, canned foods, nuggets, and others. Salt is used in preparation of these foods which may impact negatively on your health mostly for those suffering blood pressure.


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Sodium is gotten from table salt. Excessive intake of sodium diet increases risk of heart-related diseases.

The recommended daily allowance for is 1 teaspoon of salt or 2,300 milligram.

However, 10 South African foods high in sodium include: bread, pastries, butter, cake to mention a few.



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