Best South African food for HIV/AIDs Patient


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that kills the regulatory immune system called CD4 cells which defend, and fight against pathogens.

Successful invasion of this virus into the body present opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, diarrhoea hypertension among others if left managed.

At this stage, AIDS is said to have be developed. This is because HIV destroys and kill the CD4 cells thereby making the body unfit to figh against infectious disease (1) .

Asides weakening immune system, the oxidative stress triggered by the virus, attacks cells even accelerate gene mutations. When this happens, nutrients are absolutely lost – a leading causes of malnutrition in HIV/AIDs.

People get HIV by contact with bodily fluids of a person living with HIV; mostly during unprotected sex or sharing injection drug equipment. However, HIV presently do not have cure but may be managed.

A comprehensive diagnostic tests remains the only approved way of knowing your HIV status. It offers nunumerous symptoms if you’re diagnosed with HIV.

People diagnosed with HIV should immediately linked to antiretroviral treatment (ART), as well make adequate nutritional care plans.

Luckily, regular intake of the antiretroviral treatment (ART), as well as diet therapy reduces the viral load to a levels that may not be detected by laboratory parameters.

Suppression of the viral load, may prevent you from sharing the virus to your partner.

  Best South African food For HIV/AIDs Patient


Chakalaka is commonly eaten in every home of South Africa. People do not only eat chakalaka because of it aroma but because its a nutrients- dense food. Its prepared with tomatoes, onions, pepper, carrot and beans.

Carrot, tomatoes and onions are loaded with numerous phytochemicals that can sophisticatedly suppress oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is known for causing various diseases in the body. Therefore, you may add it in your food plans as it helps HIV/AIDS Patients healthy.


Many people in South Africa always go for Cape Malay curry because it does not contain excessive spice.

It is a protein rich foods. Importantly one of the symptoms of HIV is protein deficiency. Consuming one serving of Cape Malay curry daily will help increase your nutritional status.

It has been proven that adequate intake of protein can rapidly eliminate symptoms linked to protein deficiency.

Additionally, turmeric, and cinnamon used in preparing it, are excellent source of antioxidant which our body uses to deal with oxidative stress.


Bobotie is among one of the most valuable food in South Africa. Whether it is easy to cook or inexpensive, it possesses a lot of nutrients that have capacity to inhibit opportunistic infections among HIV Patients.

It is cooked with curry powder, herbs, eggs, milk and among others. Apparently, these ingredients are loaded with natural compounds, vitamin and minerals our body needs for numerous functions in the body.


It is prepared with a lot of nutrient- dense food including basmati rice, potatoes, lentils, herbs and spices like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and coriander.

The presence of spices provides abundance of antioxidant which impede growth of pathogens when consumed adequately.


Potjiekos is highly celebrated in South Africa because of it nutritional content. Eating adequate diet like Potjiekos can assist greatly in promoting your immune system.

The presence of meat and vegetables offers you antioxidant known for stopping deficiency attributed to HIV.


Delicious meals like dennigvieis has a way of changing one’s psychological, physiological and
health status when you consume adequate diet.

Dennigvieis can be liked as one of those meal, with great potential to kill off HIV virus by stopping oxidative stress.

Every grams of tamarind and pepper found in dennigvieis is packed with antioxidant.


Vetkock is nutritious. You can add it to your daily food menu as it offers you Sense of satisfaction.
To keep your immune system strong, incorporate it in your food meal plan.


Boerecowors is one of the delicious foods commonly eaten in South Africa. It contains curry powder, herbs, egg, milk and fruit.

Our body use these food ingredients to build up immune system as well as eliminating oxidative stress.

If you have tuberculosis, you may need to talk to your dietitians prior consumption.

Recent studies revealed that adequate intake of herbs, leaves contributes largely in promoting general well-being of the body.


Personally, among traditional food eaten in South Africa, I prefer sosaties because it is not just the taste but the vegetables and fruits in them posses vitamin, minerals and natural compounds.
These nutrients are responsible for immune Boosting. Opt for a portion size of the food.


In terms of protein tomatoes bredie is amazing. In South Africa is cheap and easy to prepare.

The leaves in the food possses a lot of natural compounds that are potent in scrapping out free radical, a major causes of oxidative stress which lead to gene mutation.

HIV/ AIDs is a virus that kills the immune system as well depletes nutritional status.

However, antiretroviral drugs and nutritional care plans have been identified as best approach in managing HIV/AIDS.

Best South African food for HIV/AIDs Patient include; . DENNIGVIEIS, SOSATIES,

Talk to a dietitians for expert purposes, if you’re suffering any disease.

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