10 Ghanaian Food That worsen Gastric Ulcer

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Gastric ulcer is seen as an injuries in the stomach linings. It is a painful form of peptic ulcer disease.

This normally occurs when the thick layer of mucus covering your stomach from digestive juice is decreased.

Consequently, this allows digestive juice to attack the tissues that line the stomach, leading to symptoms associated to ulcer (1).

You may experience heart burn, acid reflux, indigestion, pains at the center of your tummy or abdomen, and many others, if you have gastric ulcer.

Gastric ulcer appears to triggered due excessive acid in the gastrointestinal intestinal track (GIT).

Though other factors like H. pylori bacteria and high intake of inti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may contribute to gastric ulcer development.

Importantly, food modifications, lifestyle changes, medications have been observed as an effective approach in the treatment of gastric ulcer.

This article will explore 10 Ghanaian Food That Worsen Gastric Ulcer.

1. Coarse Foods
Gastric ulcer can be very annoying when you’re hit by it. However, appropriate feeding may greatly reduce symptoms attributed to gastric ulcer.

Coarse foods, like fried meat, doughnut, among others are said to greviate symptoms of gastric ulcer as their acidic content tend to increased, thus leading to high acidic environment – factors that enhance pains in the walls of the stomach.

2. Excessive Alcohol Intake
Frequent consumption of alcohol could be pleasurable, but it leave a by products that may trigger numerous diseases such as gastric ulcer, cancer, and many others.

In the medical community, your dietitians may restrict you taking alcohol if you’re diagnosed of gastric ulcer in order to maintain a healthy balancing of stomach content.

3. Smoking
To effectively treat disease like gastric ulcer, avoid regular ciggeratte smoking.

Ciggeratte smoking is considered as a risk factors of gastric ulcer.

Therefore, reducing or total avoidance of smoking may enable you get quick treatment for gastric ulcer.

4. Waakye
When it contains more spices, it turns to toxic for a gastric ulcer patients.

Waakye is actually good meal, but it method of preparation is very significant for an ulcer patients.

If you’re diagnosed of gastric ulcer, go for Waakye of very low spice, to prevent further complications of gastric ulcer.

5. Creamy soup
Many people avoid creamy soup simply because it can promote indigestion, hence accelerating symptoms of gastric ulcer.

6. Carbonated drinks and beverages
Research has linked frequent intake of Carbonated drinks as a risk factor of gastric ulcer.

Apart from stimulating properties that secret gastric acids, some of them are gas forming drinks which can systematically foster pains in the abdomen.

7. Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are packed with natural acids especially when there are not sufficiently ripped.

Consumption of high acidic foods are believed to be a risk factor of gastric ulcer.

Importantly, to suppress all symptoms related to gastric ulcer, avoid slightly ripped fruits or high acid forming foods.

8. Raw and Gas forming foods
Vegetables are good, but when consumed raw triggers symptoms associated with gastric ulcer.

Proper cooked vegetables and selection of gas forming free vegetables keeps you away from high acidic pH.

9. Smoked foods
Another foods you need to maximise if you’re treating gastric ulcer is smoked foods.

Study has revealed that excessive intake of smoke food can raise susceptibility of gastric ulcer.

10. Over feeding
Generally, over feeding makes you uncomfortable and elevates symptoms of ulcer.

Eating small but frequent meals has been a normal routine for treatment of gastric ulcer.


Gastric ulcer has different symptoms and comes with sore.

Being mindful of food you eat helps mitigate symptoms associated with gastric ulcer.

In fact, making a healthy food choice rather than smoking, excessive alcohol intake, hot spice, Citrus fruits, raw and gas forming foods are recommended for fast treatment of gastric ulcer.

10 Ghanaian Food that worsen gastric Ulcer remains an enlightenment article and should  not  replace an experts care; always consult a dietitian.



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