11Ghanaian Food To Avoid With duodenal ulcer

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Duodenal ulcer is referred as an eroded lesion developed in  first part of the small intestinal mucosa.

According to research duodenal ulcer commonly found in the population than gastric ulcer.

It is a type of peptic ulcer that occur in male than female.

When the thick layer that protect your intestine lining from acids in your intestine is damaged, duodenal ulcer is scientifically said to have been developed.

However, it causes symptoms similar to gastric ulcer. Such as pains in the abdomen, indigestion, acids reflux, and heart burn .(1).

This article will explore 11Ghanaian Food to Avoid with duodenal ulcer

1. Hot spice

You can actually get a better taste of your meal without adding much pepper to the food.

Putting excess pepper into the food, do not only leave you with pains but symptoms associated with duodenal ulcer also.

Taking hot spice aggravate duodenal ulcer duo to their acidic nature.

2. Alcohol

In fact, alcohol consumption has been proven to worsen duodenal ulcer as a result of the pH content.

Regardless of the pleasure derived from alcohol consumption, excessive alcohol intake keeps  wounds of duodenal ulcer worsened.

3. Smoking

You can prevent some symptoms associated to duodenal ulcer, by avoiding regular intake of ciggarette. It contains nicotine which can systematically affect duodenal ulcer.

4. Smoked foods

Some studies have observed that frequent incorporation of smoked foods can negatively affect duodenal ulcer. To combat duodenal ulcer, opt for foods properly cooked and low acidic content.

5. Doughnut or back foods

Foods like doughnut, plantain chips  and fried   foods are considered as coarse foods.

6. Irritating drinks

If you’re hit by duodenal ulcer, avoid regular intake of coffee, carbonated drinks or beverages.

Many studies have linked carbonated drinks, coffee as risk factor of duodenal ulcer. These have stimulating properties which can promote secretion of gastric acids.

7. Acidic fruit

Like Citrus fruits have high tendency to trigger symptoms linked with ulcer. It’s more harmful when you consume unripe fruits such as orange.

8. Raw and gas forming foods

Generally, some raw foods cause indigestion. Whereas numerous vegetables and fruits are gas forming foods – unhealthy for ulcer patients. However, adequate preparation and cooking can help inhibit the acidic content in them, as well as making the meal good  for  consumption.

9. Avoid over feeding

To much meal at a time may cause over production of gastric juice. Frequent small meals should be sustained.

10. Waakye

You may need to avoid waakye as it possesses spice properties which can trigger duodenal ulcer.

11. Creamy soup

While taking medication on duodenal ulcer, stop consumption of creamy soup because it can easily cause indigestion.


Duodenal ulcer is an injury on the first layer of the small intestinal.

Symptoms of duodenal ulcer include reflux acid, chest burns, and heart burn.

Coarse foods, hot spice, alcohol, smoking etc are foods that promote symptoms of duodenal ulcer when consumed.


11Ghanaian Food To Avoid With duodenal ulcer ; consult a physician, avoid self medication.

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