11Ghanaian Food that increase blood sugar levels

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11Ghanaian Food that increase blood sugar level include koose, angwamu,  doughnut among others.

Blood sugar levels tells you the range of your blood glucose levels.

If you have diabetes, your blood glucose levels indicate that you have high or low blood sugar levels through careful diagnoses.

Abnormal blood sugar levels shows either that your body cannot produce hormone insulin or cells of your body does not respond to insulin.

When we eat food, the body synthesis insulin to place the glucose obtained from the food where they will be useful to our body.

Sadly, inability of the body to carry out this primary function causes high sugar in the blood. Leaving unrestrained sugar in the blood, triggers symptoms linked with diabetes.

Over time, uncontrolled sugar in the blood may affect organs of the body such as kidney, eyes among others.

Normal blood sugar levels
Fasting blood sugar level : 70 – 110mg/dl
Random blood sugar level : less than 135mg/dl (1).

Let’s check out 11Ghanaian Food that increase blood sugar level

Soaked Gari 

Gari is a product obtained from cassava through extensive preparation; It is a granulated cassava.

Gari is soaked in water and taking by many people in waste African. It is normally eaten during lunch.

A soaked gari contains water, milk, 6 or 7 cubes of sugar depending on the serving size of the gari.

There’s no doubt that soaked gari increases your glycemic indice as it contains carbohydrates and 6 – 7 cubes of sugar per serving.

It elevates your blood sugar levels, immediately you consume one serving of soaked gari – leading causes of hyperglycemia.

2. Plantain chips

Despite the price of plantain chips in Ghana, it enhances your blood glucose levels.

As mentioned earlier, unregulated blood sugar levels raises susceptibility for diabetes.

Also frying plantain increases it caloric value which may contribute to high blood sugar levels.

3. Fried doughnuts

Whether you like eating doughnut with carbonated drinks or water it promotes high blood sugar level.

In the medical community, dieticians makes more emphasis on consumption of low caloric foods and adequate intake of low carbohydrates vegetables, especially those with diabetics history.

Additionally, fried doughnut does not have dietary fiber that can slow down the rate at which glucose is absorbed in the blood stream.

4. Omotuo with Peanut- butter soup

This food is prepared from boiled rice and eaten with peanut-butter soup. It possesses no adequate amount of vegetables, an important nutrients needed for blood sugar regulation.

It is of high glycemic indice which is responsible for abnormal blood sugar levels in the body.

5. Angwamu

Angwamu is commonly eaten in the south and Northern parts of Ghana.

Recent studies have proven that angwamu or oil rice can increase your blood glucose levels.

Ingredients used to prepare angwamu are oil, egg, salt, rice, and very little vegetables. Adding fried egg to your oil rice, raises risk of high blood sugar and heart related diseases.

6. Koose

It is not only cheap, koose is sold in major cities of Ghana. Eaten koose with porridge made from Millet, causes increase in blood sugar level.

7. Agbeli kaklo

This is another Ghanaian food that easily spike your blood glucose levels. It is not recommended for those with diabetes as it will over stress your insulin

8. Nkatie cake

Regardless of the size eaten, Nkatie Cake has a sugary taste which impact negatively in the blood sugar.

9. Akple

Intake of akple regularly may enhance your blood glucose levels since it has corn and cassava flour.

Akple has potent to increase your sugar levels due to carbohydrates content in it.

If you’re managing either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, consult a dietitians for expert purposes.

10. Fried Foods
When you’re diagnosed to have high or very low blood sugar, maximise intake of fried food. It may contributes in elevating your blood glucose levels. Foods of high caloric value are known for blood sugar spike.

11. Rice with carbonated drinks

Consuming this type of meal can quickly increase your blood glucose levels. Therefore, if you want to maintain normal blood sugar levels, reduce intake of rice with carbonated drinks.

Food to eat freely
Adequate consumption of low carbohydrates vegetables

Moderate intake of fruits if you have history of diabetes specifically those with low sugar content.


Blood sugar levels allows you know the level of sugar in your body.

Abnormal blood sugar predisposes you to numerous metabolic disease like diabetes.

However, hyperglycemia and low fiber diet play a negative role in raising blood sugar levels.

Ghanaian foods have been reported to increase blood sugar levels such as akple, gari, koose

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