Does ChatGPT Answer Medical-related questions

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Does ChatGPT Answer Medical-related questions. Yes, you can ask any questions you wish to ask. ChatGPT is developed to attempt all questions from different disciplines users may ask.

However, the large language model trained by OpenAI, does not answer questions beyond what has been programed in it.

What is ChatGPT
ChatGPT is a computer program designed to serve as artificial intelligence that enables user to ask questions and get human-like responses.

It gives answers to users questions within some seconds. Even though ChatGPT provides an impressive responses to users questions and queries, it may occasionally generate incorrect answer as it only depends on the information programed in the computer.

People often ask ChatGPT to code, write essay, lyrics, gmail, description of art in a detailed form, amongst others.

Opening of accounts is free as ChatGPT is at its first phase. It was launched last Wednesday, 30 November, 2022; and has recorded over a million users.

The large language model is owned by OpenAI, an American research company, that created DALLE.2, – a popular Al art generator.

To join ChatGPT, you need to visit, this enables you to create an account and ask any questions you would like to.

Importantly, the ChatGPT is gaining massive adoption due to it ability to answer followup questions, observe mistakes where necessary, avoid unsuitable requests and gives feedback.

How ChatGPT is developed

OpenAI trained the language model by using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), – OpenAI. Human AI trainers offers the model with conversations in which they participated both parts, the user and AI partners.

Weakness of ChatGPT

Something, the model answers may not be accurate, because it does not connect to search engines and based on the information programed in the ChatGPT.

It often provides answers outside what the user ask. Since, it does not work like Google search engine, that index articles and give feedback when users ask. So, any questions which is not closely related to the one trained cannot produce effective response.

They’re answers are incorrect most times.

It is not connected to Internet and may produce misleading information.

The model may respond to a destructive instruction.

Asking does ChatGPT Answer Medical-related questions, and signing up may earn you answers to numerous depressing health problems.

ChatGPT provides a human like- conversations which allows users to ask questions and get instant responses.



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