How to get free medication in Ethiopian

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Are you seriously sick and looking for where to get free medication? Thanks to individuals, and non governmental organisations in Ethiopian that provide free quality health care.

Guess! you don’t know there are organisations, individuals in Ethiopian ready to pay hospital or food bills to people who are ill and can’t afford hospital bills.

As different studies have observed that inadequate health care services, poverty, and lack of access to medications are major causes of death in the developing countries.

It is against this background that numerous non governmental organisations and individuals, even government in Ethiopian, are establishing donation centres to assist the sick and vulnerable groups.

This intervention provide avenue where every one, especially the vulnerable can have access to quality free medication in their locality.

Equally, Offering free medication enables many people to get treatment which ordinarily may not be possible.

One of the greatest thing you can do for the society is to provide access to sufficient health care.

Interestingly, some organisations and individuals are taking up responsibility to donate drugs, money or food to the affected people in the rural and urban areas in order to reduce death, and poverty.

This article will explore How To get free medication in Ethiopian

1. St. Peter’s specialist hospital

You may apply in person with your hand written free medication request. Though some hospital has centres for donation to take of the ill people who may not be able to pay hospital bills.

2. Hayat hospital

This is another hospital that may offer free quality health care delivery if a requste is made by the vulnerable group in the country. Just address a written letter to the administrative department.

3. Landmark general hospital

When making request for free medication at landmark general hospital always include state of your health. Most times people come to the hospital to pay bills for those hospitalised.

4. Girum hospital

Apart from writing to the hospital for free medication, individuals volunteer to provide access to sufficient health care to the patients.

Therefore, making a request for free medication, especially at the donation centres, will play a significant role in securing free treatment.

6. Global giving

This a non governmental organisations designed to take care of the poor, the vulnerable groups in the country. They receive donations from people and give back to the society.

You may not necessarily wait for them to come to your locality, make a hand written request or appear in person.  Global giving Global giving 

7. World health organization

This organisations from time to time do come to our communities to administer preventive drugs and create awareness on possible out breaks of new disease. They give free medication to the general public.

8. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef)

Unicef is world’s largest provider of vaccines; they provide adequate health care for children and women around the world.

Apart from providing sufficient health care delivery to the world, they also preach both sanitation and safe water.

Hence, you can apply for free medication in your country, Ethiopian if your area is yet to be covered.

9.Organisation for Social Services, Health and Development (OSSHD)

This is another organisations in Ethiopian that can assist you in medication.

10. St. Lalibela Hope for Development

Applying for free medication may beneficial as they often have visitors who pay for hospitalised patients in the hospital. You can also contact through the official website address: St lalibela Hope for Development

11.National Network of Positive Women Ethiopians

If you are from Ethiopian, contact them for medical support either the online or the physical office in Ethiopian. Contact through official website (2)

12. Organisation for Welfare and Development in Action (OWDA)

Is a charity organisation. They can be of great help to you if apply for free medication. They official website OWDA

13. Humedica Ethiopia

Humedica Ethiopia was established to fight poverty, its causes and effects for women, children. The charity offers a day-care center for children. Writing to them may earn you free medication as it is one of their primary assignments.

14.Organization for Child Development and Transformation (CHADET)

They are available online through CHADET


There are hospital, non governmental organisations as well as individual who consider paying of hospital bills and feeding the vulnerable groups in rural and urban areas of Ethiopian as their top priority.

Writing to them for medical support enables you attend to your hospital bills. Even though some hospital and organisations may not respond quickly.

How to get free medication in Ethiopian, requires patients as some will take time to get it processed.


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