Alligator pepper & Cardiovascular Disease

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Cardiovascular disease is used to describe disease of the heart and blood vessels.

It is as a result of atherosclerosis; it either harden or thickens walls of the arteries, and enhance obstruction in the flow of blood.

Metabolic product like fatty deposits, smooth muscles, fibrous collective tissues accumulate form plaques or build up, causing atherosclerosis.

However, atherosclerosis impede normal circulation of blood. It may occurs in the artery which supply blood to brain, this will ultimately cause stroke. Any part of body it occurs, it affect supply of blood and nutrients to that region.

Cardiovascular disease comprises of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, heart failure.

Role of Alligator pepper in cardiovascular disease

Alligator pepper is botanically known as Aframomum melegueta; and it is a member of the family Zingiberaceae.

Alligator pepper is a seed obtained from pod of Alligator pepper trees. Each pod houses more than 15 seeds. It has a distinctive taste and aroma (1) .

However, Alligator pepper contains numerous phytochemicals and nutrients including; alkaloids, cardiac glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, sterols, triterpenes, alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, flavonoids,

These compounds serves as antioxidant in the body. Our body makes use of them to eliminate free radicals capable of causing oxidative stress which ultimately lead to heart failure.

Free radicals are metabolites that cause build up in the arteries thereby preventing proper circulation of blood. The presence of antioxidant such as cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, helps neutralize oxidative stress in the artery walls in order to optimize effective functions of the heart.

Recent findings suggests that individuals consuming substantial amounts of Alligator pepper can significantly reduce their incidence and mortality from cardiovascular disease.

To protect and regulate your blood pressure, opt for Alligator pepper as it assists in dilating the arteries as well fostering ideal flow of blood round the body.

Side effect
If your pregnant or a Lactating mother, consult your physician prior consumption of Alligator pepper.

Cardiovascular disease is a disorder that occurs in the heart and blood vessels.

It promote plaques and build up in the blood vessels which leads to heart failure.

Application of Alligator pepper helps neutralize free radicals that impede proper circulation of blood in the body.

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