Natural Remedies For Osteoporosis

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Standing, walking, running, lifting up objects, driving, participating in home and office work, may be very difficult and challenging when your bone density and strength weakens (1) .

Osteoporosis is a disorder in the bone strength which makes its weaker, porous, as well as increased tendency to breaks.

However, parts of the body likely to be affected when osteoporosis surfaces include wrists, spine, ribs and hip bone.

In fact, women at the menopausal stage are typically prone to osteoporosis than men, however bone loss is believed to start from 35 years of age and above.

Some notable factors have been outlined as causes of osteoporosis such as deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, lack of regular exercise, genetics disorder, age, to name just a few.

Consequently, many people across the globe who are currently suffering from osteoporosis may likely have one or two symptoms like weak and brittle nails, back pain, a stooped posture, hip fractures and many others.

To correct these abnormalities, nutritionists suggests lifestyle changes, incorporation of calcium-rich food and medications.

Here are, 8 Natural remedies for osteoporosis.

1. Milk And Cheese

Milk, cheese and other diary product are excellent source of calcium. Taken them will also increase your vitamin K, and vitamin D status, which are responsible for optimizing your bone density. Studies have depicted that low blood levels of calcium is attributed to bone fracture and weakness. Hence, you can consume 2- 3 cups of diary product or milk per week to enhance your bone density.

2. Regular Exercise

Embarking on frequent physical activities is essential in maintaining bone strength and prevention of osteoporosis. It is imperative you consult a gym instructor for expert purpose.

3. Broccoli

A cup of broccoli vegetables is enough to increase your serum levels of potassium and vitamin K. These nutrients are not only limited to delaying the onset of osteoporosis but helps prevent bone fracture as well. Just incorporate them to promote over well being of the body.

4. Apple

Apple is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals which our body need for maintenance. Recent findings have proven apple as one of boron fruits. Boron contributes greatly in the absorption of calcium. People prefers juicing apple in order obtaine calcium.

5. Almond

Almond contains abundance of calcium. Incorporating one cup of it helps elevate your blood calcium levels. Deficiency of calcium is linked to osteoporosis whereas normal blood calcium reduces appearance of osteoporosis.

6. Green leafy vegetables

You can obtain calcium when you consume calcium- rich food such as Spinach, Collards green, and Kale. Adequate intake of Kale gives you reasonable amounts of calcium.

7. Fish

Eat fish regular can profoundly help you earn calcium. As state previously, calcium helps prevent bone related issues. Sardine and salmon are good sources of calcium.

8. Soybeans
Another source of calcium is soybeans. So adding it your meals can assist immensely in preventing osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis is a disorder in the bone strength which makes its weaker, porous, as well as increased tendency to breaks.

Consumption of calcium- rich food helps treat and prevent Osteoporosis.

Consult a doctor prior use of naturalĀ  Remedies for osteoporosis.


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