High Blood Pressure1(Hypertension)

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High Blood Pressure 1(Hypertension) is a disorder in the circulation of blood round the entire body.

If  there is difficulties in pushing out  blood to the  entire body, Hypertension is said to have set in. This often causesd  by hardening of  the arteries contributed  by atherosclerosis.

Heart pump blood into the blood vessels, which move round the entire body.

When ones blood pressure is higher than clinically proven rang, is believed to be a symptoms of hypertension.

It actually begins from the contractions of heart muscles that move blood away from the heart and the hindrance that blood encounters while passing via the small arteries like arterioles.

Moreover, scientists have attributed hindrance or thickening of the arteries to age, diabetes as the cause of increased resistance in blood flow.

The normal blood pressure for a healthy adult is 120mmHg (systolic) and (80mmHg) diastolic. In the medical practice, anything above 139mmHg and greater than 90mmHg is tagged as hypertension (1) .

Hypertension is also associated to primary causes of stroke and kidney disorder. And believed to be triggered by inability of the hormone such as thyroid and adrenal that regulate blood pressure.

In fact, hypertension is a slow killer disease, as many people are completely unaware that they have it. It usually leads to different metabolic disease if not properly managed.

Hypertension is more common in aged people; also studies revealed high risk of blood pressure among obese, those addicted to alcohol, and those with history of hypertension.

Risk Factors
Family history
Lack of exercise
Too much salt

Eye problems
Kidney problems
Metabolic disorders
Heart failure


High Blood Pressure 1(hypertension) is a one of the killer disease. If not managed, it’s leade to other illness such as eyes problem, heart failure,  stroke,  and many others. There are some factors that can trigger hypertension in the body.


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