Effect of antioxidant therapy on cancer treatment

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Cancer is a life threatening disease that cause uncontrollable gene mutations, forms tumor and weakens immune system.

It has been hypothesized that cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide (1)
Cancer affect gene which helps in the cell division, replication and new cell formation. This nutrients depleting disease, cause cells to mutates which in turn lead to abnormal growth.

Moreover, when cancer spread to other parts of tissues, leaving you with symptoms like lump, weight loss, discomfort to amongothers.

In the medical practice, diseases are named based on where there are found, cancer is one among, and classified as lungs cancer, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, stomach cancer .

Antioxidant therapy on cancer TreatmentĀ 

Antioxidant is a chemical substance which inhibit damages to the cells caused by free radicals, unpaired electron our body produces during metabolic processes.

Free radicals are wastes product synthesized by the cells, as the body metabolized food and other biochemical reactions.

Excess of these free radicals in the body result to oxidative stress – one of the factors that can attack the cells (2) .

Several reports have linked oxidative stress to cancer and other diseases in the body.

One may wonder, the exact role antioxidant plays in cancer prevention.

Antioxidant is thought to neutralize free radicals in our bodies thus protecting against cancer as well as promoting overall well-being (3) .

Antioxidants are of different types such as lutein, flavonoid, zeaxanthin, beta- caroteneoid, vitamin E, Vitamin C, to name but a few.

Additionally, there are factors that can cause accumulation of free radicals in the body including inflammation, ultra violent rays, ciggeratte smoke, and pollution.

However, it has been established that antioxidant may contribute considerably in prevention of cancer (4) .

Therefore, regular intake of antioxidant rich foods is recommended.

Dietary source of antioxidants

Cancer is an abnormal growth of the cells caused by free radicals.

There are different kinds of cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostrate cancer.

Antioxidant is a chemical substance that eliminate appearances of free radicals which cause gene mutations.

Plant- based sources of antioxidant are Broccoli, Oranges, wheat, oat, and Apple.

Antioxidant therapy on cancerĀ  treatment is recommended as it neutralizes free radicals.

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