Natural Cold Remedies

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Cold is regarded as an infectious disease which mainly affect the respiratory mucosa of the throat, sinuses, nose, larynx; it is caused by virus.

People usually get this virus (rhinovirus) through contact with the fluid or nasal secreted by someone already infected with the virus.

Several studies revealed that under 5 children are much more susceptible to this contagious disease, due to their immune system are not fully developed.

However, adult also suffers common cold, but less prone when their immune system is not comprised.

It is characterized with symptoms including, shivering, coughing, sneezing, headache, fever, runny nose and among others.

Moreover, use of natural home remedies for treatment and prevention of common cold is recommended, this is because of their nutritional profile and enhancement of immunity.

Let’s look out Natural cold remedies

1. Turmeric & Milk

Traditionally, people mix tumeric, lemon and milk  to treat common cold. It has been hypothesized that tumeric , and lemon are rich source of natural compounds which are potent in mitigating symptoms attributed to cold.

2. Green Tea

Regular consumption of green tea can help protect you from common cold. It has soothing and healing properties that are responsible for treatment of respiratory diseases.

3. Garlic

Garlic has antimicrobial properties, incorporating into your dishes can go a long way in treating the disease. You can crush 2- 3 cloves and a teaspoon of honey to eradicate bacteria that contributes to cold.

4. Honey

Honey plays a numerous role in the body. It helps boost your immune system. Generally, Strong immune system protect you from felling prey to several diseases. In addition, it has antimicrobial property, this make it significant in prevention of cold. Nutritionists recommended regular intake of honey as it is helpful in alleviating cold.

5. Mix Onions & Honey

Cut onions into slices, mix with honey and soak for at least a day. Take 4-5 slices before breakfast. Onions is a spice with antimicrobial properties, meaning it assist in alleviating pathogenic growth in the body.

6. Chamomile Tea

When it comes to treatment of cold, chamomile tea can be beneficial; It is packed with numerous natural compounds known for decreasing bacteria that contribute to it.

7. Cinnamon powder

Mix cinnamon powder with honey to treat symptoms linked to it.

Luckily, cinnamon possess bioactive compounds that help combat cold.

An antioxidant and antibacterial properties in cinnamon is associated with the elimination of cold.

9. Ginger tea

Taken ginger tea twice a day is said to treat cold, this is because ginger contains antioxidant which is potent to inhibit bacteria growth. Add 3-4 of honey into ginger tea to enhance it flavors.

10. Diary product

Yoghurts, and cheers are sources of diary product which may optimize your digestive system.

Diary products are noted for their beneficial role in maintaining your gut.

Therefore, incorporate diary product in your daily plans to reap all these benefits.

11. Black Pepper

Thousands of years ago, people use black pepper to prevent and treat cold; If you’re suffering from cold, mix powdered form of black pepper into a glasses of water, stir for 3-5 minutes and drink once a day.

12. Essential oil

You can externally apply oregano , peppermint and coconut oil on the body as they help sooth cold and reduce symptoms associated with the disease.

Few drops of the essential oil is recommended and may used before bedtime.

13. Vitamin C Rich-Food

When you consume varieties of fruits, you’re improving the immune system. Immune system protects our body against numerous diseases.

This happens when your immunity is strong. Vitamin C  aid in formation of blood in our body, and serve as antioxidant which inhibit accumulation of free radicals that weakens immune system.

Studies have proven that vitamin C can sufficiently prevent and suppress cold.



Cold is a disease which affects respiratory system.

Cold symptoms including, shivering, coughing, sneezing, headache, fever, runny nose and among others.

However, consumption of certain foods have shown promising effects in the treatment of cold such as tumeric, ginger tea,  diay products, honey among others.


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