12 Powerful Home Remedies for Flatulence

Pain in the intestines and abdomen. Dysbacteriosis, inflammation of intestines

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Flatulence or gas is a regular health disorder which involves release of accumulated gas from the digestive track through the anus.

Flatulence is also referred as passing wind or farting. It is thought that too much farting could be as a result of symptoms of an underlying stomach disease.

Though 5 to 15 times per day is noted as normal farting.

Having gas or flatulence can be very disgraceful and annoying especially when you are sitting with friends, and produces a very smelling type (2) .

Despite the negative impact of flatulence in human digestive system, it affects both old and young.

However, gas accumulation may be form by swallowing air while eating or drinking can cause oxygen and nitrogen collection in the digestive track.

Moreover, studies conducted have revealed some factors responsible for flatulence such as indigestion, over- eating, constipation, poor physical activity, etc.

Equally, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) ,gastroesphageal reflux disease (GERD) and growth of intestinal bacteria have also been observed as other causes of flatulence or farting.

Furthermore, the inability of food to digest and remain in the esophagus, increases your tendency of having flatulence- GERD, whereas irregular bowel movement may increase gas formation in your stomach- leading to flatulence.

According to health care professional, healthy foods, lifestyle changes, and medication are normal routine for treatment of farting.

This article will explore, 12 powerful Home remedies for Flatulence.

1. Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves  may be added to your salad bowel or use as herbal tea to combat symptoms associated with flatulence.

It possesses antimicrobial properties which assist in maintaining bacteria activities in our gastrointestinal tracks.

2. Chamomile Tea

To treat flatulence, you can take 2 -3 cups of chamomile tea . Chamomile tea is thought to stimulate digestion process profoundly without no side effect.

3. Ginger Tea

You can suppress flatulence by consuming ginger tea  owing to its antioxidant properties that are highly effective in reducing factors attributed to flatulence. It may help stimulate digestive system, thus reducing it.

4. Herbs & Spice

Traditionally, some people like consuming powered form of carom, anise, and cumin to eliminate indigestion problems. Whether you prepare meals with them or you consumes them as herbal may help keep flatulence at bay.

5. Probiotic foods

Consuming diary product, yoghurts and probiotic rich foods is recommended for effective treatment of flatulence as it helps regulate the bacterial activity in the gastrointestinal tracks, inhibit production of stomach gas as well.

6. Essential Oil

Some essential oil can be helpful in treatment of flatulence. Coriander seeds, star anise and thyme are good source of antimicrobial spice that are significant in reducing abnormal microbial growth in your intestine. 2- 3 drops of these essential oil will help alleviate flatulence.

7. Peppermint Tea

Drinking tea made from peppermint leaf is beneficial. It helps ward off excessive stomach gas and promote digestion of food as well.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric  is a powerful spice. It houses a lot of essential nutrients and phytochemicals that can systematically reduced indigestion problems when consumed adequately. You can mix it in various meals and reap all the benefits in it.

9. Physical Exercise

Participating in regular exercise can help better your digestive system. Apart from preventing and treating digestion, physical activities is very necessary in many bodily functions.

10. Antacid

In the medical world, health care professional use antacid to mitigate symptoms linked to flatulence. It is important you consult a doctor, avoid self medication.

11. Smell Frequent Meal

Taking calculated amount of soften and low acidic food is thought to reduce high presence of acid in the stomach. Dietitians often recommend consumption of smell frequent meal when your are suffering flatulence rather than taking larger amount of food at once. Additionally, avoidance of gas forming food, especially at severity stage can also be helpful in combating it.

12. Enough Water Intake

Adequate  water  intake is essential in metabolic activities in our body. It helps foster digestion of food. So next time you eat take enough water. However, 5-8 glasses of water is recommended daily for proper functions of the body.


Flatulence is a digestive problem triggered by irritable bowel syndrome(IBS),  gastroesphageal reflux disease, among others.

However, certain foods and lifestyle changes have be noted for treatment of flatulence includes; Enough Water Intake, Smell Frequent Meal, Antacid,Probiotic foods,  Chamomile Tea, among others.

12 Powerful Home remedies for flatulence, may be helpful at mild stage.

Be sure you consult a doctor prior consumption of any home remedy for expert purposes, especially in severity stage.

Dietther: Ojeoru Goodluck is a passionate health writer who has written numerous articles on health. He obtained bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics.