14 Home Remedies That Help You Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is an increase of blood glucose levels above normal rang and insensitivity of insulin in the body.

In this disease, people with diabetes secret little or no insulin. The insulin released is not fully utilized.

Keeping ideal levels of blood glucose, and moving glucose in the blood to the cells of adipose, liver, and muscles are primary functions of the insulin.

High concentration of glucose in the blood surfaces if the insulin synthesized by your pancreas is insufficient or when your cells does not recognize insulin.

Consequently, generation of energy is hampered, and symptoms including fatigue, frequent urination, increase hunger, weight loss, blurred vision to name but a few, are commonly experienced by the diabetic patients.

However, persistent drop in insulin functions leaves you with either Type 1, Type 11 diabetes or Gestational diabetes.

Diabetes has no scientifically proven cure but can be managed through dietary, medications and natural sourced option to mitigate blood glucose levels and symptoms linked to diabetes.

Here are home remedies that help you manage diabetes

1. Bitter Gourd

You can also add bitter gourd to your natural remedy list as it possess a lot of bioactive compounds such as charantin. Bitter gourd helps enhance secretion of insulin in our body and lower blood sugar. Insulin is responsible for placing glucose where they are needed in the body. Failure of insulin to balance sugar levels in the body predisposes the individual to diabetes. Hence, bitter gourd is recommended for diabetics patients.

2. Fenugreek

Fenugreek  is one of the nutritious spice with abundance of dietary fiber. Research has shown that dietary fiber can sufficiently slow down excessive absorption of glucose into the blood streams. Diabetes is exacerbated when blood sugar levels is high and insulin resistance. Regular consumption of fenugreek helps improve your insulin secretion and moderate high blood sugar levels, especially in type 1 and 11 diabetes – Nutritionists.

3. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves have been noted for decrease of high blood sugar levels. This is why, nutritionists emphasize on intake of natural food, especially leaves of low carbohydrates as they help alleviate excessive blood sugar level. Basil leaves are excellent source of phytochemicals and antioxidant that foster effective secretion of insulin.

4. Mangoes Tea

Traditionally, people consume tea from the leaves of mangoes to reduce blood sugar levels. It is generally observed that mangoes leaves  contain abundance of natural compounds which are very potent in regulating blood sugar levels. You can take a cup of mangoes tea daily to enhance insulin secretion and sensitivity as well.

5. Take Cinnamon Tea

Expert advise intake of cinnamon tea  once a day to lower blood sugar levels and reduce symptoms associated with diabetes. This popular spice is said to help boost insulin performance. Therefore, those with type 2 diabetes can find it very helpful. The spice is a powerhouse of natural compounds including Cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, and cinnamate cinnamon which contribute immensely in overall well being of the body.

6. Black PLum

Black plum can also be helpful in terms of managing type 1 and 11 diabetes if taken adequately. Black plum contains phytochemicals including ellagic acid and anthocyanins. These antioxidant are believed to play a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels.

7. Mixture Of Aloe vera With Other Spice

Many people mix tumeric , bay leaves with aloe vera as herbal medicine to mitigate symptoms linked to diabetes. Aloe vera possesses anti- hyperglycemic property, meaning it can easily reduce blood sugar levels. You obtain a bioactive compound such as phytosterols, by adding aloe vera in the list of your home remedy.

8. Guava & Diabetes

A medium size of guava is recommended for diabetics patients so as to get daily vitamin C dosage. Guava is packed with dietary fiber which contribute greatly in maintaining blood glucose levels. The presence of antioxidant found in guava, also help decrease further complications of diabetes.

9. Flax Seeds

They are extremely beneficial for management of diabetes. They contain a lot of dietary fiber and natural compounds known for alleviation of oxidative stress, and decrease of insulin resistance. Additionally, they help absorb and reduce sugar levels as well, a good news for diabetics patients.

10. Cloves

Cloves  contains a beneficial antioxidant like anthocyannin, quercetin and pheno which are very active in regulating blood sugar levels. Consider incorporating it today and reduce further complications of diabetes.

11. Green Tea

A cup of  green tea  daily can be absolutely helpful in treatment of diabetes. It contains polyphenol, a natural compound which aid alleviation of high blood sugar levels.

12. Oregano

Oregano  is not just a spice, its actually a herb. Oregano is a powerhouse of antioxidant. It is an established fact that oregano has potent to regulate blood glucose levels if consume appropriately.

13. Rosemary

Rosemary  is as known for low glycemic index, meaning it can sharply neutralize high blood glucose levels. Make Rosemary an integral part of your food ingredients as it contains dietary fiber, nutrients and antioxidant.

14. Check Of Blood Glucose Levels

Check of your blood glucose levels is very important in management diabetes.  Regular monitoring your blood glucose levels  and  use of  natural remedies will help prevent further complications of diabetes ( 1) .


Diabetes is an abnormal elevation of blood glucose levels; it comes with a lot of symptoms.  However,  use  of  home remedy has been noted for  its  important role in management of  diabetes. Despite this claim by researchers,  ensure you consult a physician or dietitians prior consumption.


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