10 Fascinating Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant used for treatment of so many diseases, particularly skin infection and among others.

Their leaves are thick and houses fluid in it leaves. It is believed that the fluid, the gel is made up of a bioactive compounds such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols, antioxidants.

However, the plant can grow virtually, in many part of the world such as Sudan, Asian, Europe, African and united state of American.

Furthermore, owing to it amazing properties, many pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics and industries are extensively using it for their productions.

Importantly,  it is said to work as antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic properties (1) .

Here are the health Benefits of Aloe vera

1. May Combat Ulcer

Aloe vera is known for it promising impact on the stomach as it helps cure stomach ulcer. It has been proven by researchers that the “gel” found in it is very effective for stomach ulcer treatment. The gel of aloe vera is said to be alkaline in nature, meaning it can neutralize excess acids and all symptoms associated to it. Consequently, treating and minimizing other indigestion problems requires medication or home remedy. People use the medicinal plant for ulcer treatment since it do same work with antacid but with out preservative.

2. May Treat Menstrual pain

Many women do face pains during their monthly menstrual cycle, resulted from forceful contraction of the uterus, in order to get rid of unfertilized eggs. Application of aloe vera helps reduce this pain owing to the antispasmodic properties in aloe vera.

3. Detoxification Purposes

It can also be helpful in detoxifying our body, promoting liver functions as well as ensuring healthy state of health. Liver is the complex organ of the body which detoxify food and harmful substance. Application of aloe vera help the liver in detoxification capacity, and improve proper functions of the enzymes in the liver, which contribute in digestion of food.

4. Minimize Inflammation

Another benefits  you can obtain from it, is ability to minimize inflammation. As mentioned previously, aloe vera serve as anti-inflammatory agent which makes it prevent joint pains, swollen, arthritis to mention a few. Moreover, many pharmaceutical companies use it for production.

5. Good For Gut Health

It helps maintains the gut and keeps the environment healthy. It improve the good bacteria while eliminating growth of bad bacteria. It is an established fact that the micro-flora enhance health of the colony thus reduce indigestion problem.

6. Immune booster

Aloe vera with vitamin and minerals, antioxidant contributes greatly in immune boosting. Working as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties helps maintain body’s defence mechanism.

7. Help lower Cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels is a major causes of atherosclerosis leading to heart attack. Aloe vera when used aid in triglycerides reductions, a constituents of cholesterol. Some research has shown that aloe vera may reduce triglycerides in the body. Hence, adding aloe vera do not only reduce cholesterol but assist in maintaining overall heart health. It is recommended to be use with monounsaturated fat.

8. Good For Skin

Use of aloe vera helps reduce inflammation on the skin since it is an anti-inflammatory properties. It prevent damage particular effect of ultraviolet rays .

9. May Prevent Cancer

Learning about Cancer’s constituents and applying it helps reduce appearance of cancer in the body. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it decrease inflammation of the gene and inhibiting abnormal growth. In addition, science says the gel, possess essential nutrients good for cancer prevention.

10. Prevent Dental disorder

It has be long used for medicinal purposes such as prevention of dental disorder. This is by eliminating bacteria growth in the teeth and ensure healthy state. Regular intake  helps keep disease like gingivitis and dental carries at bay.

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