10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Wasabi

Wasabi plant is commonly grown on a part of river found in Japan, China, North American and Taiwan.

It belongs to the Family of “Brassiceae” often time, called “Japan horseradish” though has similar characteristics with horseradish and cabbages.

The cruciferous vegetable has a strong, spicy taste with great impact on the olfactory sense. It is use in many homes to spice up meals, particularly the sushi and noodles of Japanese cuisines.

It is believed that, this pungent flavor is associated to the natural chemical (Isothiocyanate) found in wasabi.

Health benefits include; Healthy digestion, anti inflammatory, cancer prevention, cure respiratory disease, antimicrobial, promote heart health, Help delay aging process detoxification, and weight loss.

10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Wasabi

1. Health digestion

Wasabi plays a significant role in the digestive system since it contains antimicrobial properties. This helps eliminate harmful bacteria and maintains the microflora in the gastrointestinal track. Wasabi may facilitate release of digestive juice so as to ensure proper digestion. Expert says consuming food rich in fiber promote digestion and absorption of food.

2. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Knowing about wasabi and applying it, helps minimize inflammation and infection. Inflammation sometimes lead to arthritis, swollen, joint pain among others (1 ) .

3. Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a life threatening disease, very painful and cause depletion of nutrients thus leading to malnutrition. To prevent and manage it, requires eating adequately, foods rich with phytochemical such as wasabi. Wasabi possess isothiocyanate , which is known for eliminating and reducing susceptibility of developing various kind of cancer such as stomach cancer, leukemia and colon cancer. Adding wasabi on your meal, means inhibiting cancerous cells thereby preventing tumor.

4. Cure respiratory Disease

Consumption of wasabi can be a best remedy as it impact positively in the nasal cavity. Wasabi is loaded with isothiocyanate, a natural compound responsible for scrapping out nose congestion and sinuses. It also inhibit infections on bronchi and lung, hence minimizing all symptoms of respiratory disorder.

5. Antimicrobial properties

Wasabi has antimicrobial properties which means it can effectively eliminate pathogens; bacteria, and viruses, a major causes of inflammation, which left the body with infection are cured, and inhibited with wasabi consumption. It does not only prevent stomach infection but helps speed up wound healing since it decrease bacteria growth and viral infection.

6. Promote Heart health

Considering the important of heart, pumping out blood to other parts of the body, maintaining and keeping it healthy by eating adequately is always the right habit. Generally, wasabi’s benefit is very amazing as it keep blood flowing due to it properties. Regular intake of wasabi’s meal may assist reduce blockages on the blood vessels and arteries in order to enhance circulation of blood thus improve heart performance.

7. Help Detoxifier The Body

Toxins predisposes one to many unwanted disease particular when it excessively accumulated. It has been proven that oxidative stress contribute to abnormalities in the body. You can actually, get rid of this by adding wasabi to the meal. It helps strengthen the liver for its detoxification capacity, as well as the digestive system to maintain and keeps you free from toxins.

8. Delay aging process

Research has shown that those who consume wasabi develops no wrinkles, premature aging and remain younger. Wasabi is a rich source of vitamin C , antioxidant which helps reduce oxidative stress and protect you from skin disorder.

9. Weight loss

People add wasabi in the meal when they are on weight reduction plan as it provide low calories in the body. Apart from low calories, it delay on set of hunger thereby decreasing over consumption of food, a risk factor of overweight.

Wasabi is a healthy spice; its packed with valuable nutrients and natural compounds needed for many bodily functions. It covers wide range of health benefits such as maintenance of heart health, respiratory problems, healthy digestion, weight loss, etc.

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