10 Science-based Health  Benefits & Uses Of Hospital Too Far Leaf (Chaya)

Hospital too far leaf (chaya leaf) is a medicinal plant, used to treat and prevent many diseases, such as anemia, fever, skin problems and among others.

Hospital too far is superb, as it plays a significant role in human body. It is called hospital too far because of it’s medicinal prowess.

It is scientifically known as jatropha tanjorensi, and a member of the Euphorbiaceae family.

The green leaf is extensively grown in west African, where it form an integral part of their traditional medicine. In Nigeria, precisely it is Efo Iyana Ipaja in Yoruba and ugu oyibo in Igbo

Several researches have proven that jatropha tanjorensi contain appreciable amount of polyphenol, flavonoid, alkaloid, glycosides, and saponin. It is believed that these compounds are linked to its antimicrobial, antimutagenic and antioxidant properties ( 1 ) .

Furthermore, it has a wide range of health benefits such as cancer prevention, constipation, fever, skin problems, dental health, hypertension among others.

Nutritional profile (100g)
Carbohydrates 58.7
Fat 0.02g
Protein 4.75g
Vitamin B1 2.6mg
Vitamin B2 1.03mg
Vitamin B3 3.18mg
Vitamin C 26.4mg
Calcium 36.8mg
Potassium 43.49mg
Iron 49.9mg
Zinc 14.4mg
Magnesium. 35.5mg
Phosphorus 4.28mg

10 Science-based Health  Benefits & Uses Of Hospital Too Far Leaf (Catholic vegetable)

1. Prevent Anemia

In Nigeria, people use hospital too far leaf as a home remedy to prevent anemia. Several studies conducted have demonstrated that hospital too far leaf contributes greatly in anemia prevention. It contains iron, protein, vitamin C, B complex Vitamin. Iron help in formation of red blood cells, whereas vitamin C aid the absorption of iron. Your blood can’t carry oxygen round the entire body with out iron, therefore make hospital too far one of favorite natural remedy for anemia prevention.

2. Maintains Heart Health

Hospital too far can help keep your heart health in check. Thanks to numerous phytochemicals and dietary fiber present in hospital too far leaves. Heart problems is triggered when there is build up in the arterial wall which lead to atherosclerosis, main causes of heart attack. One of the functions of dietary fiber is reduction of plasma cholesterol levels, hence keeping your heart healthy. Adequate intake of hospital too far leaves, aid removal of toxic substance capable of impeding ideal blood flow.

3. May Prevent Hypertension

High blood pressure can be the result of numerous factors, ranging from poor diet, to conditions that exacerbate stress. Luckily, hospital too far can address high blood pressure from multiple source and shows great promise. For instance, it is believed that hospital too far improves blood flow, and can help dilate and relax arteries. Hospital too far contains potassium, a mineral that also assist in regulation of a normal blood pressure. Similarly, hospital too far contains reasonable amounts of flavonoid, an antioxidant known for maintenance of arteries and veins to improve blood circulation.

4. May protect against Cancer

Hospital too far may protect you from various kinds of cancer, owing to the antimutagenic properties in it. This property enable our body to inhibit gene mutations, thus reducing risk of cancer. Lastly, hospital too far can effectively reduce colon and rectal cancer because of the dietary fiber attacked to it.

5. Boost Immune system

Your immune system functions to retain your body from potential diseases. This is possible if your immune system is strong. You need plenty of nutrients to promote the functioning of your immune system. Hospital too far leaf is one of the food source that are powerhouse of vital nutrients. These nutrients functions to strengthen your immune system when you consume it on a regular basis.

6. Improve Eye Health

The role of eyes can not be over emphasized, so requires proper care and adequate diet to functions sufficiently. Hospital too far leaf contains essential amount of vitamin A, Vitamin C, B complex Vitamins and bioactive compounds. They help eliminate factors causing muscular degeneration and symptoms attributed to eye defect.

7. Skin & Hair Care

Achieving clear skin with a natural glow is no longer an unattainable dream. The condition of your skin is solely based on the diet you consumed. The antioxidant is thought to impact positively on the skin by scrapping out inflammation and skin disorder. Protein functions do not only limit to prevention of hair discoloration but ensure general well-being of hair and skin.

8. Possess Antimicrobial properties

There are abundance of phytochemicals in these miracle leaf. These phytochemicals are linked to its potent in eliminating pathogenic growth in human body. Make it your favourite leaf and reap all these benefits.

9. Dental Health

It has be hypothesized that bacteria is one of the leading factors contributing to dental disorder. Surprisingly, hospital too far possesses Antibacterial properties which can sharply scrap out presence of bacteria in teeth.

10. Pain Relief

In terms of pain relief, you can benefit tremendously as it provide calming effect when used. The anti inflammatory properties enable it to mitigate pains in the body as well as fostering overall well-being.

There is no doubt that hospital too far is endowed with essential nutrients and natural compounds. It offers a lot of health benefits ranging from pain relief, dental health, skin care, boost immune system, prevent anemia, improve Eye Health etc.

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