9 Science-based Health Benefits Of Fennel seed

Fennel seeds are scientifically known as Foeniculum vulgare.

Fennel seed is a member of parsley family. This healthy vegetable is use for cooking as well as medicinal ingredient.

It grows above 6-7 feet tall, with a white colored bulbs and houses flowers.

Both the seeds, leaves and root are used to spice up meals, with a sweet pleasant taste and contains nutrients and phytochemicals.

However, fennel originated in European countries such as Greece, and migrated to India, united state as it form an integral part of India cuisine.

Although there are other uses of fennel, including toothpaste and among many others.

It is a rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin B and vitamin A, which are linked to treatment as well as prevention of diseases.

Fennel health benefits include; fluid balance, cancer, bone development, skin care, cough, asthma, anemia, cholesterol, brain boosting

Science-based Health Benefits Of Fennel seed

1. Fluid Balance

Fennel is a source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, that help optimize fluid balance.

Many studies shows that sodium enhance water retention, leading to high blood pressure while potassium minimize water, remove excessive sodium and effectively reduce blood pressure.

Hence, incorporation of fennel in your dish frequently will earn you these benefits.

2. Inhibit Cancer Growth

The growing concerns of cancer worldwide can be minimize and prevented by regular eating of adequate natural foods rich in antioxidant- by the expert.

This compound helps detoxify free radicals capable of causing gene mutation – a leading causes of cancer.

Therefore, it is better to eat much more natural foods and remain protected from cancerous cells.

Aside cancer prevention, fennel improves overall well- being even immune system.

3. Bone Development

When you cook with fennel, you’re upgrading the nutritional status of your family.

Fennel contributes immensely in the development of bone and prevent deficiency of calcium.

It is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is generally believed that calcium helps develop bone while phosphorus and magnesium also assist tremendously in bone development.

Therefore, adding fennel in your regular meals offers chance of obtaining these nutrients.

4. Boost Skin Health

To improve skin care, lower effect of UV rays, delay aging process, opt for fennel as it possesses a beneficial compounds.

Fennel has 17percent vitamin C of recommended dietary allowance, which enhance collagen synthesis, a structural protein that aid formation of new skin cells. Equally, the antioxidant inhibit or neutralize free radicals known for skin disorder, such as wrinkles, dark spot, eczema to mention but a few.

Nutritionists, advice regular use of foods rich in vitamin and minerals to promote healthy skin.

5. Help Prevent Anemia

To maintain normal blood levels and prevention of anemia, spice such as fennel is recommended due to it nutritional content.

Anemia is characterized with weakness, fever, fatigue weight loss etc. It constitutes iron and copper, a co-factors which assist in metabolic activities.

Iron is known for red blood cells production thus improves blood volume. Intake of meal made with fennel stimulate production of hemoglobin, that houses and carrying oxygen in the blood.

The copper content also help foster red blood cells formation.

Hence, regular use of fennel do not only increase blood volume but eliminate all symptoms of anemia.

6. Relieves Cough & Asthma

These could be very problematic when they surface and leads to complications if left untreated.

Adding spice like fennel can efficiently decrease their effect.

Fennel seed act as expectorant because of the Cineole compound found in it, helps remove and decongest mucus and phlegm from the lungs.

7. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Fennel has about 11 to 12 percent of recommended dietary allowance of dietary fiber, which helps top up your fiber content and reduce cholesterol levels.

Dietary fiber ensure reduction of cholesterol absorption into the blood stream, which tactically decrease fat deposition in the artery walls.

It is recommended for individual who are experiencing a spike in their cholesterol levels since it slow down tool much circulation of blood cholesterol and decrease plaques deposits.

8. Promote Brain Function

With presence of vitamin and minerals, fennel promote brain function, and reduce mental impairment.

Nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and B vitamins helps improve brain conductivity.

Particularly, potassium ensure promotion of electrical nerves in the brain aimed at boosting brain function and reduce mental illness.

However, it possesses vasodilatory properties, meaning there will be ideal flow of blood round the entire body, which facilitate proper function of the brain.

9. Weight loss

Fennel has a very low carries and can be use for improving weight reduction. There are some percent of dietary fiber found in it, that helps make you fell full and delay onset of hunger.

Help Prevent Cancer

Studies conducted have shown that fennel can decrease development of cancer ( 1) . When you consume A cup of this plant, you’re at same time building your against cancer, owing to the cancer- fighting properties in it.


Fennel leaves, stems and root are used in culinary as well as in the preparation of herbs.

It comprises of various nutrients which provides amazing health benefits.

9 Science-based Health Benefits Of Fennel seed

Dietther: Ojeoru Goodluck is a passionate health writer who has written numerous articles on health. He obtained bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics.