7 Shocking Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Records of Apple Cider Vinegar consumption dates back centuries ago, thanks to it numerous health benefits, and as a natural preservative.

To produce vinegar, the sugar contained in the apple is fermented by bacteria, which then transformed into alcohol and subsequently change into vinegar.

Surprisingly, it  possesses lactic, citric and malic acids as well as acetic acid. Consuming it moderately will not affect you negatively rather help in overall well-being.

Health benefits include; weight loss, maintain Blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health, minimize Heartburn, skin care, sore throat, fighting against cancer.

Shocking Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Weight loss

Apple cider vinegar (ACV ) may aid weight loss by stimulating metabolism and detoxification.

Helping burn fat deposits in the adipose tissues is a great way of losing weight.

Some studies suggests that ACV can regulate appetite and reduce cravings. It can be a good source of weight loss ( 1 ).

2. Maintain Blood Sugar Level

ACV may be helpful for blood sugar regulations and insulin sensitivity.

Consuming apple cider vinegar during meal may go a long way in modulating blood sugar and ensure insulin sensitivity.

It is believed that acetic acid found in ACV, is associated to regulation and control of blood sugar levels.

3. May Help For Cardiovascular diseases

Apple cider vinegar help maintain blood pressure when consumed. Even cholesterol level is controlled by lowering bad cholesterol level.

High accumulation of these fat on the blood vessels and arteries leads to atherosclerosis, that eventually developed to stroke and heart attack.

Some studies on Animals using ACV gave an impressive result, even though more research are required to ascertain it potent on heart disease.

4. Minimize Heartburn

This occurs when there is high accumulation of acids in the stomach and increase pH level and poor digestive enzymes. Apple cider vinegar can function as an alkaline, that is it neutralize the body. People take it during meal in order to cure heartburn.

5. Fight Against Cancer Growth

Apple cider vinegar can destroy cancer’s cell membranes and stop unnecessary tumor. This is associated to the presence of natural compound found in it.

6. Combat Sore Throat

Sore throat is caused by viral infections characterized with, inflammation, cold and flu. ACV helps to break up mucous, which aid elimination of cold and flu.

7. Good For Skin

It is also valuable in terms of skin complexion owing to Anti-inflammatory properties in it. Opting for ACV offers you protective approach to acn



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