9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Star Anise & Uses

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Star anise is botanically known as “illicium Verum ” It is a spice used for both culinary and traditional medicine practice.

Star anise is obtained from the pod of the plant that has star-shape and brown colored.

The star- shaped plant has a very pungent aroma, and widely used for spicing up dishes.

It is commonly known as Chinese star anised or badiam due to it applications for cooking and traditional medicine practice.

The seed obtained from the pod found in star- shape plant is grounded prior use.

However, star anise is originated in southern China and Asian. Star anise is highly beneficial owing to the nutrients and phytochemical properties found in the star anise. For example, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin C, magnesiumdietary fiber other such as quercetin, terpineol, caffeic acid, anethole, linalool, shikimic acids and thymol,

The  health benefits of star anise include; help relief symptoms of menopause, prevent cold and flu, prevent constipation, repellent Of Mosquito, reduce Insomnia, reduce risk of cancer, enhance skin care, promote Bone Health, antifungal properties.

9 Surprising Health Benefits & Uses Of Star anise

1. Relieves Symptoms Of Menopause

At certain stage in life women develops menopause which makes estrogen level to drop. Reviving it therapeutically with foods rich in estrogen properties can be achievable. Star anise is one of the spice that can profoundly contribute in the management of menopausal symptoms.  It can be added into your meal directly, or soaking it in a hot water and drink daily can reduce symptoms of menopause.

2. May Help Prevent Cold & Flu

There is presence of antioxidant and other properties known for cold and flu prevention in star anise. It contains vitamin C and organic compound like shikimic acid. Vitamin C is well-known for immune boosting which in turn reduce cold. It also work as antioxidant meaning, it can reduce harmful substance in the body. Similarly, shikimic acid also contribute in treatment of flu and all it symptoms.

3. Helps Prevent Constipation

This occurs when you fined it very difficult to pass out stools through the colon lumen, this is as result of hardened stools. To ease this abnormal situation, water and fiber may be required for ideal passing out of stool. The health- prompting spice is an excellent source of fiber, that bulk up stool, enhance bowel movement and draws waters in order to off set constipation.

4. Repellent Of Mosquito

It has a properties similar to insecticide which helps it prevent you from mosquitoes. It contains anethole compound which work as effective insecticide when apply on the body externally. It keeps you away from mosquito bites, those in tropical regions may benefits immensely from consuming star anise frequently since it has capacity to protect and keep mosquito bites at bay.

5. Reduce Insomnia

Taking star anise on every night can be impressively minimize insomnia. Its normally occurs when you’re stressed and anxiety. Star anise can positively affect the adrenal gland which secret hormones like corticosl that modulates mood and stress. It helps relaxes the mind and nerves cells. Use of natural remedy to prevent disease has remain best approach but ensure you consult a dietitians or physician for expert advise.

6. Reduce Risk Of Cancer Growth

The healthy spice is an excellent source of quercetin, anethole even coumeric acid. These helps reduce inflammation and consequently eliminate cancerous cells. By destroying free radicals and abnormal cell growth promote overall well-being.

7. Enhance Skin Health

Star  anise is   vital in collagen synthesis, reduces premature aging and wrinkles, thanks to the presence of vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidant. They help reduce effect of Ultra Violent rays on the skin, treat stretch mark, acne among many others.

8. Promote Bone Health

It  is an excellent source of calcium as well as iron. Calcium is known for development of bone. Deficiency of calcium in the body result to osteoporosis, commonly seem among the post-menopausal women, who often experience fractures and bone loss. It is on this note, that Nutritionists advocate regular intake of foods rich in calcium so as to prevent calcium deficiency.

9. Anti- fungal Properties

You can benefits from consuming star anise in various ways such as treating skin infections and elimination of Candida infection. Applying star anise topically has been noted for treatment of skin infections; incorporating it in your meal may help modulate natural floral. When these bacterial overgrow, it create an unfavourable conditions, particularly in the vaginal. So, star anise work by decreasing overgrowth of the fungal and bacterial in the body (1) .

Star anise is a nutritious plant used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Its made up of several natural compounds and nutrients that offers multiple health benefits such as bone health, skin care, insomnia, cold, cancer and many others.

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