10 Fascinating Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

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Nutmeg is popular today because of it numerous uses, both in treatment of various disease and as a powerful aromatic spice.

It is produced from the seed of the evergreen nutmeg tree. Nutmeg is regarded as “Myristica-fragrans”.

Scientifically, nutmeg does not only possess nutty flavor but taste sweet as well.

The dried reddish seed grows above 70m tall, even though it is the only tree that has two distinct spice around the world but also it a health-promoting spice, and it possesses flavor and taste.

Nutmeg is predominantly grown in south India, Indonesia even in tropical regions of the world, where it is used for Asian cuisines for decades.

People use nutmeg for home remedy in treatment of different diseasess owing to it numerous health benefits.

Nutritional value of nutmeg (per 100g)
Calories 525kcal
Fat 36.31g
Protein 5.84g
Carbohydrates 49.29g
Fiber 20.8g
Folate 76ug
Vitamin A 102IU
Choline 8.8m

Vitamin 3mg
Calcium 184mg
Iron. 3.04g
Selenium. 1.6ug
Sodium. 16mg
Magnesium 183mg
Phosphorus 213mg
Potassium. 350mg
Monounsaturate fat 3.22g
Polyunsaturated fat 0.35g
Cryptoxanthin 66ug

Sources, USDA database

10 Fascinating Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

1. Promote Digestion

Nutmeg has long been known for proper digestion, probably because of the significant properties it contains that can tactically eliminate indigestion.

It contains appreciable amount of dietary fiber which is believed to regulate irregular bowel movement.

Expert says consuming nutmeg either as food or ingredients in traditional medicine goes beyond stimulation of digestion but also help combat intestinal problems.

2. Maintain The Oral Health

Regular check and maintenance keeps you away from unnecessary appearances of toothache, bleeding gums and cavity.

Science-based evidence has shown that bacteria are the major causes of this tooth infection.

Nutmeg consumption is very advantageous since it possess antibacterial properties which can actively kill off bacteria that infect the tooth.

It is far much more bitter to use natural remedy for both prevention and treatment of disease.

3. Maintains The Liver

There are many things that can damage the liver cells adversely such as toxins and excessive fat accumulation on the liver, to mention a few.

It is usually recommended by the nutritionists to incorporate natural food so as to reduce loads of toxins in the liver cells.

Nutmeg is found among the spice family with great potent to clean and detoxifier the liver against harmful substance.

As mentioned above, dietary fiber also play an important role in minimizing excessive fat in the body.

4. Maintain The Kidney

Kidney is an important organ that must be maintained and prevented from damages.

It has claimed many life across the world; and it comes with unbelievable pains and complications.

You may avoid this chronic disease by incorporating natural spice like nutmeg. Studies have proven that nutmeg is packed with diuretic properties.

This enables it to stimulate urination which in turn aid removal of waste products out of the body.

It is scientifically believed that consumption of nutmeg regularly may help systematically dissolve kidney stone.

However, this work better at it early stage, in the case of severe kidney problems, ensure you see a physician for expert purposes and avoid self medication.

5. Combat Insomnia

This is inability to sleep, it can happen to anyone who is over stressed or one that is experiencing psychological trauma.

It may be a best natural remedy for insomnia due to it natural components unlike medication that has addictive and preservative in it.

Application of nutmeg into your meal help relaxes the mind as well as elimination of mental pressure so as to enhance sleepiness. People mix nutmeg powder with milk to cure sleeping disorder.

6. Help Prevent Cancer

Nutmeg is believed to contains antioxidant which can help scrap out free radicals that can cause damage to the body.

You acquire this by adding nutmeg into your meal regularly.

It inhibit growth of cancerous cells, even though much more research are requires to ascertain it potency on cancer prevention.

7. Improve Blood Circulation

Effective circulation of blood foster proper functions of the body as the nutrients is being supplied to the various part of the body.

Nutmeg contains potassium which impact positively on the blood vessels and moderate heart beat aimed at optimizing circulatory system.

So you can add it into your food ingredients in order to reap the health benefits attached to it.

8. Immune system

The immune system functions in numerous ways, elimination of infectious bacteria, prevention of free radicals and cancer development.

Research has shown that supplementation of nutritious foods promote immune system. Nutmeg is a spice filled with manganese, iron, potassium, folate and vitamin A etc,. Combination of this nutrients helps improve immune system.

9. Acne Treatment

Acne is caused by bacteria, eating foods rich in nutmeg helps combat acne even clear up scars. Nutmeg exhibit antibacterial properties meaning it can effectively destroy their presence in our body.

10. Its Delay Aging

Consumption of nutmeg can help retain youthfulness by reducing wrinkles, fin lines, among others. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties are equally helpful in these regard (1) .


Nutmeg is an excellent aromatic spice with abundance of nutrients and phytochemicals attacked to it.

It plays a pivotal role in human body such as immune system,  blood circulation,  cancer,  insomnia etc.



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