Health Benefits & Side Effect Of Taro Leaves

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Taro leaves are edible and are leaves part of taro root.

The roots are starchy. Both leaves and root are used in many household for different meals.

Taro plants are cultivated both in the tropicals and subtropical regions and scientifically known as colocasia esculenta. The leaves surface can cause skin irritation once in contact with the skin.

Taro leaves are good for consumption after cooking for about 30 minutes; they’re poisonous if eaten raw.

They have high oxalate content and must be avoided for those suffering kidney stone.

Regardless of  its conflicting stories, it is an excellent source of vitamin A, folate, magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber, polyphenol, phytochemical.

They offers various health benefits include;Promote vision,  Reduce  cholesterol level, Support the Liver, Digestion, Maintains the, Heart health, Prevent cancer, Immune system, Reduce anaemia

Health Benefits Of Taro Leaves

1. Promote Vision

You can prevent muscular degeneration and other eye-related problems with the use of taro leaves as a result of vitamin C presence. It protect your eyes against oxidative damage that often triggers eyes defects.

2. Reduce Cholesterol

Taro leaves are loaded with dietary fiber, which contribute in reducing full absorption of cholesterol and increase excretion of bile. Cholesterol is used to make bile, so this process leads to decrease of cholesterol as new bile enzymes are produced.

3. Support The Liver

Intake of taro leaves are thought to facilitate detoxification of harmful substance in the body. This is associated to the presence of antioxidant in the taro leaves.

4. Supports Digestion

Taro leaves could be a source of nourishment to your small intestine. The presence of fiber in taro leaves fosters quick removal of waste products out of the body. It support beneficial bacteria in order to promote a healthy life.

5. Help Maintain The Heart Health

The leaves can be used to maintain heart performance due to dietary fiber and high potassium content. Potassium is required for regulation of blood pressure and electrolytic activities. Cholesterol oxidation increase chance of getting arteriosclerosis.

6. Prevent Cancer

Vitamin C and vitamin A are superb in preventing and curbing cancer development. Particularly, vitamin C acting as antioxidant which inhibit damage of healthy cells. Removal of free radicals keeps you away from cells mutation – factor that rise risk of cancer (1) .

7. Support The Immune system

Importantly, they are powerhouse of vitamin C, vitamin A, dietary fiber, to name but a few. They are very significant in scrapping out toxins, boosting of probiotic bacteria in your intestine, and decreasing the likelihood of certain diseases such as cancer, common cold and many others. It helps boost defence mechanism.

8. Help Prevent Anemia

Meeting up your daily iron requirements helps you prevent anemia. Taro leaves are excellent source of iron and Vitamin C, which enhance production of red blood cells. Applying it in your  routine food helps keep you out of iron deficiency that brings numerous symptoms like fatigue, fever, nausea etc.

9. Good For Skin Care

Tarot leaves are helpful when it comes to skin care, owing to the vitamins found in it. They assist protect the skin, by eliminating effect of UV rays and problems associated with it. Vitamin C is known for synthesis of collagen, making your skin cells to develop.

Taro leaves are edible and must be cooked before consumption due to high oxalate content. Cooking or soaking in water for about 30 minutes eliminate the toxic oxalate content in taro leaves. They cover wild rang of health benefits such as skin care, digestion, cancer and many others. It is not healthy for those suffering kidney stone.

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