8 Proven Health Benefits Of Mackerel Fish

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Mackarel is an oily fish, a member of scombridae family with strong flavor.

Mackerel can be obtained both in tropical and temperate region, and it’s of several varieties. Such as Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cerol mackerel, Pacific mackerel to name but a few.

Mackerel or bangada is an excellent source of omega- 3 fatty acids zinc, protein , vitamin B12, copper, magnesium  and selenium, phosphorus  etc.

However,  it  is  consumed either baked, steam or grilled.

Health benefits include; help improve heart health, prevent anemia, low mercury, source of protein, source of selenium, rich source of vitamin D,help reduce risk type 2 diabetes.

8 Proven Health Benefits Of Mackerel

1. Improve Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the most problem among the elderly, range from high cholesterol to hypertension. Nevertheless, adequate intake of foods rich in essential fatty acids such as mackerel fish helps significantly prevent development of heart- related disease. Several studies demonstrated that high plasma levels result to less susceptibility of health attack or stroke. Being a rich source of omega- 3- fatty acids gives it edge over others, incorporating mackerel fish in your diet will earn you a healthy and functioning heart. In addition, it’s Anti-inflammatory properties, contribute in maintaining a healthy heart as inflammation is reduced

2. Prevent Anemia

Among the benefits of mackerel fish is formation of red blood cells. Anemia contributes to majority of mortality rate occurring annually. Importantly, this can be prevented by incorporating mackerel fish into your meals since it contains essential nutrients like iron, vitamin B12. This vitamin is very crucial in our immune system, nervous system as well as synthesis of DNA.

3. Excellent Source Of Protein

Protein is essential in our body, supplying foods rich in protein is required to accelerate repair of cells and synthesis of new ones; transport nutrients to the targeted areas, and facilitate growth in young ones, even support in energy generation.

4. Contains Very Low Levels Of Mercury

Oily fish is beneficial and solve a lot of health problems,picking ones with very low mercury keeps you far from being contaminated. Expert recommend intake of mackerel fish 2 – 3 serving per week.
Comparatively, mackerel fish has less mercury content then Spanish mackerel, king mackerel fish, making ideal for consumption.

5. Rich Source Of Selenium

Selenium act as antioxidant that helps ward off harmful substance in the body. Selenium, a mineral work in so many capacities, improving immune system, DNA synthesis and regulation of thyroid hormones, are among the functions of selenium. Moreover, selenium is very active in detoxifying the arteries and blood vessels which reduce risk of heart-related disease.

6. Excellent source Of Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D contribute to various health problems, which could be reversed, by eating mackerel fish, though sunlight can provide us with vitamin D. This vitamin work as hormones, maintaining a sufficient blood levels of this hormone is essential for overall well-being.

7. Boost Brain Performance

As mentioned previously, mackerel fish contains essential minerals, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients especially omega-3 fatty acids (1) , play a very crucial role in maintaining brain’s performance. It is generally believed that lack of these nutrients can increase chances of developing cognitive problem. That is how we coordinate and process information are based on the blood levels of the nutrients.

8. Help Reduce Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Recent research have demonstrated that high intake of foods filled with saturated fat is attributed to increase of risk of type 2 diabetes. Mackerel fish possesses polyunsaturated fat which can reduce risk of diabetes. Eating fish twice per week is recommended.

Although mackerel fish provide varied health benefits, it must be consumed in limited amount to prevent harm to the body. Eating raw fish or under- cooked must be avoided especially for pregnant woman and lactating mother to avoid food poisoning.

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