10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Nettle Tea


Nettle tea is a products of the stinging nettle plant, used as herbal tea, and scientifically know as urtica dioica.

The nutrient-dense drink, is native to Asia and north Africa, but presently it’s extensively grown and used in different parts of the world.

Importantly, the flowers of nettle plants are an integral part of the nettle tea production. It is taken as tea, and a few cups of nettle tea is effective to prevent inflammation, allergic effect, and many others.

Equally, it is loaded with various nutrients and phytochemical such as calcium, potassium, zinc, dietary fiber , magnesium,iron, phosphorus, vitamin B complex, caroteneoid, flavanoid, though it is believed that anti- nutrient in nettle plant can be easily neutralised by soaking into the water.


However,  despite it unmatched benefits in the body, excessive intake of Nettle Tea can trigger numerous health problems.

Health benefits of include; helping treat headache and muscle pain, improve heart health, maintain healthy kidney,improve digestion, help boost immunity, skin care, respiratory problem, treat arthritis, and detoxify the body.

10 surprising Health Benefits Of Nettle Tea

1. Treat Headache & Muscle Pain

Pains all over the body could be very annoying especially, when you are tired of the conventional medicine, nettle tea may be good alternative for headache and pains suppressant. It is an established fact that it  has analgesic properties and if taken frequently, it can minimize and relieves headache and chronic pains. Consuming one full cup of nettle tea will not limit to pains, but they can as well deal with bump and bruises.

2. Improve Heart Health

Keeping in check of your blood pressure, and cholesterol is a must to promote a healthy heart. This is possible by eating right diet with great potent to clean up the arteries and blood vessels. Findings have proven that nettle tea is a storehouse of antioxidant, potassium, they are known for improving heart health. The potassium is said to function as a dilator – that is easing blood circulation. Fat deposits and dead cells on the walls of arteries are eliminated due to the antioxidant seen in nettletea.

3. Maintain Healthy kidney

Possessing a diuretic properties means a lot to the kidney. Poor removal of waste products can increase risk of kidney stone. Nettle tea if consumed accelerate urination, this way harmful substance can be eliminated. You have nothing to loss in consuming the tea  rather it helps keeps your kidney- related disease at bay.

4. Improve Digestion

Stomach cramps, irregular bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, constipation can be prevented by consuming nettle tea regularly. This indigestion occurs as a result of the bacterial imbalances in your gut. The tea is good at destroying bacteria and intestinal parasites, allowing the beneficial bacteria to thrive in your gastrointestinal track.

6. Boost Immunity

To strengthen immune system, foods rich in minerals, vitamins and natural compounds such as vitamin C, iron, B complex, caroteneoid, flavanoid, are important. These antioxidant are responsible for fighting off toxic substance that cause chronic disease and cellular damage. Vitamin C is responsible for blood cells formation as well as White cells, which enhance bodily defense mechanism.

7. Skin Care

Another impressive benefit of the healthy tea  is prevention and treatment of skin problems such as eczema, blemish, acne, bruises. Expert says taken a cup of nettle tea daily is sufficient for combating skin disorder. Moreover, nettle tea contains antioxidant that enable the body get rid off skin problem by decreasing accumulation of harmful substance in the skin. Apart from speeding up the healing process of irritated skin, it increase skin rejuvenation and reduce scars. Few drops on the bruises, burn and wounds is thought to help ward off scars formation.

8. Treat Respiratory Problem

It  has long be use as herb to treat and reduce respiratory diseases in various parts of the world. Some studies claims that nettle tea has Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which makes it powerful at curbing respiratory disease. Although much more research are needed to ascertain the potency of nettle tea at treating asthma, cold, cough, and seasonal allergies.

9. Help Detoxify The Body

Nettle tea serves as a detoxifier, in many countries especially, where it is cultivated. It contributes immensely in removal of toxins, chemical, free radicals, excessive salt, allowing your body to function effectively. Similarly, consuming nettle tea is thought to influence the gut positively, and lymphatic system since it eliminate toxins capable of causing kidney cells deterioration.

10. Arthritis & Muscles Pains

The preparation of many herbal medicine, its highly regarded, especially  for  chronic pains,  arthritis, owing to the Anti inflammatory properties found in nettle leaves. Regular consumption of the tea is recommended to prevent and ward off gout, muscles pains and other symptoms associated to arthritis.

11. May Help Reduce Blood sugar

Some research has shown that nettle tea can regulate blood sugar levels and prevent some symptoms of type 11 diabetes (1) .

The tea is superb, as there are numerous nutrients and natural compounds found in it which are responsible for many bodily functions. It offers a lot of health benefits when consumed. These health benefits include treatment of arthritis, respiratory problems, skin care, promotion of healthy kidney and liver.

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