10 Health Benefits Of Allspice Essential Oil & Uses

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Allspice essential oil is scientifically know as Pimenta dioica or Pimenta Officinalis.

It comes from the “pimento”, though has different names, but native to many part of the world including; Caribbean island and Central American.

However, Allspice essential oil possess various characteristics with nutmeg, juniper berries, Cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon  and black pepper.

It has several components, very advantageous for improvement of health and curing numerous ailments in the body. They include; methyl eugenol, phellandrene, Caryophyllene, Cineol,

Furthermore, allspice oil (1)  is extensively used as a preservative, and flavouring agent in cooking, due to it pleasant aroma. It can also be use as ingredients in carry powder preparation.

Health benefit of allspice oil; Boost immune system, maintain Dental Health, Analgesic properties, antiseptic properties, Delay aging process, may prevent Cancer, good for heart care, improve digestive system, may enhance blood circulation and mental problems.

10 Health Benefits Of Allspice Essential Oil

1. Boost immune system

Immune system keeps the body stronger to fight off pathogens and reducing their negative impact in the body. It is scientifically proven that a weakened immune is as a result of successful entrance of infectious disease, malnutrition, as well as poor health care. Hence, application of allspice essential oil may help boost immune system, perform efficiently in fighting off foreign invaders and maintain a healthy state of health. Moreover, it antimicrobial properties, which aid in destroying non-floral bacterial aimed at improving beneficial bacterial so as to reduce gastrointestinal issues and promote defence mechanism.

2. Maintain Dental Health

To treat and maintain dental health, allspice essential oil application has been very impressive. Thanks, to the presence of antimicrobial properties, believed to be potent for combating bacteria growth, prevent tooth decay, safe guard the gums and improve a healthy teeth.

3. Analgesic properties

Allspice essential oil works in various capacities, as a painkiller agent; people use it to relief pains linked to sinuses, cold. It’s  oil is widely used as natural remedy for headache,
because of it properties. Messaging the body or affected area can effectively aid relief from pains.

4. Antiseptic properties

It  has gain popularity because of it crucial role in promoting healing process when applied on a bruises, cut and wound. Allspice essential oil helps facilitate wound healing, eliminate bacteria growth which may further complicate the conditions as well as minimize skin infections. It is better used when mixed with a carrier oil; gently applied on the side of the wound.

5. Delay Aging Process

You can minimize the appearances of aging related problems on your skin, by regular uses of allspice essential oil. Science has shown that allspice oil, can actively promote production of collagen, a component of protein know as a building block that helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, even foster skin cells regeneration.

6. May Prevent Cancer

The presence of antioxidant in allspice essential oil is a reason behind it role on cancer prevention.
Some research conducted shows that allspice essential oil may prevent cancer since it contains antioxidant. Although research is ongoing to further ascertain it potent in cancer prevention.

7. Good For Heart care

Allspice essential oil can be very advantageous in terms of heart care. It has vasodilator property, meaning you’re less susceptible to heart attack and stroke among others. Hence, promoting flow of blood, reducing hypertension and sustaining normal pulse rate. If you are suffering heart problems, incorporate it but consult a physician prior use.

8. Reduce Neurological disorder

To reduce neurological disorder, like Alzheimer’s disease  and dementia, use of allspice oil can be helpful in minimizing neurological disorder. It has been proven that those suffering mental issues are prone to insomnia and depression. Allspice oil has a beneficial nutrients well known for boosting and preventing neurological disorder such as vitamin A, riboflavin, and vitamin B9. It helps relaxes the neurons and promote mental health.

9. Improve digestive system

One of the interesting thing in allspice oil is it unique importance on stomach and digestion of food. It Is often used as a home remedy for indigestion which can easily triggered due to some health challenges. Allspice essential oil contains Anti-inflammatory properties, making it possible to eliminate digestive disorder like nausea, vomiting and chest burns. Additionally, it assist facilitate stimulation of digestive enzymes, meaning proper digestion and absorption. It also reduce stomach cramps, accumulation of gas in the stomach, even enhance metabolism, which in turn increase blood circulation.

10 .May enhance Blood circulation

It could  be say that it’s wide adoption  is due to it  potency in blood circulation; and owing to it antioxidant properties. Allspice essential oil may help clear up deposits on the arteries walls and blood vessels, thus reducing negative effect of toxins. The also contains copper, iron, a major nutrients for blood formation.

Allspice essential oil is greatly beneficial but can have some side effect. For patients with cardiovascular disease, take to a physician before use. Avoid self medication.

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