6 Impressive Health Benefits Of Chlorine


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Chlorine is an essential nutrients, residing in the extracellular fluid of the body for range of health benefits.

It is mostly found in combination with sodium, and chlorine is absorbed as chloride ion in the body. Chlorine (1)  and other minerals include sodium and potassium, are helpful at maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.

Chlorine is packed in many processed foods as part of sodium chloride – salt. Though the percent of chloride in salt is about 60%, this mixture promote their potent in acid – base balance.

Chlorine is an integral components of salt used in preparation of different foods. It covers wide range of health benefits in the body as it maintains proper blood volume and blood pressure.

Interestingly, chloride does not only stop at fluid balance, it is actually parts of hydrochloric acids in the stomach. This compound participate in the release of digestive enzymes and digestion as well.

People run out of chloride ion in the body where there is continues vomiting, sweating and chronic diarrhoea. It can be source from table salt, soy sauce, milk, eggs, process foods, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olive etc,.

Health benefits of chlorinated Food includes ; Facilitation of Digestion, inhibit growth of microbes, for immunity, regulate fluid balance, and acid -base balance.

9 Impressive  Health Benefits Of Chlorinated Food 

1. Facilitate Digestion

Chlorine is a mineral component of hydrochloric acids. This compound is found in the stomach, and it is very helpful in digestion of foods. Chloride participate in breaking down of foods ingested into smaller molecules. Moreover, consuming chlorine rich foods assist at stimulate secretion of enzymes required for digestion of foods.

2. Inhibit Growth Of microbes

One of the functions of chlorine is the inhibition of pathogenic growth in the stomach, since it is part of hydrochloric acids. Bacteria often invade into foods in various ways, either during processing or eating time, which when left unchecked induce health problems such as indigestion, ulcer and many others. Chlorine intake facilitate your gastric gland to release hydrochloric acids, that is known for warding off bacteria growth in the stomach.

3. For Immunity

Chloride is of great important in human body. Chloride participate in the elimination of harmful bacteria in the stomach, aiding digestion, as well as combining with red blood cells to get rid of carbon dioxide makes it superb for immune building.

4. Maintains Acid-base Balance

You add to the blood volume of chlorine when you consume foods loaded with chlorine. It is said that any drop in the plasma volume of chlorine influences blood pH, leading to alkalosis, which may reduce bodily functions. In addition, obtaining chloride from diet enables your body normalize blood pH, reduce symptoms linked to low blood chloride levels, thus keeping you healthy.

5. Regulate Fluid

In the extracellular fluid, chloride ion is beneficial due it ability at keeping and balancing osmotic pressure in the body. Imbalance of electrolyte can lead to a daunting health problems like edema. Table salt is a common source of chloride ion, using it enable you obtain this mineral.

6. Regulate Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure has been associated with inadequate intake of salted foods. Chloride is a components of salt which when lacking in the body may have a negative effect.  Intake of chlorinated food is important as it elevate low blood pressure.


Chlorine is an important nutrients our body requires to maintain fluid balance. It offers wide range of health benefits such as inhibit ion of  growth of microbes, for immunity, regulate fluid balance, and acid -base balance. Always add it in  your meals  to get the best desired taste.

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