Science -based Health Benefits of Zinc

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Zinc is an essential trace mineral our body use to build immune system, synthesized DNA and improve enzymatic reactions. It cannot be produced in the body, but obtained through foods and dietary supplement.

Like other mineral in the body, zinc participate in the synthesis of protein, wound healing, digestion, and growth development. It is also needed for taste perceptions and the production of sperm.

It play a pivotal role in human body, because of these benefits, it is said to have been found mainly in the bone, and muscles. In fact, virtually all the cells of the body constituents zinc.

Considering the importance of zinc in the body, consumption of zinc-rich foods or supplement remain the best alternative to sustain good health.

Poorly intake of this foods or deficiency of it, is observed to increases susceptibility of sexual problems, impaired digestion,hair loss, skin lesions, immune weakness as well as impaired wound healing. In children, it leads to growth impediment.

Although it deficiency is rare, but commonly obtained with people on immune- suppressing drugs, genetic disorder, and babies whose mothers are deficient of zinc.

Importantly, the recommended dietary allowance for zinc is about 8 mg per day for women while 11mg per day for men.

Consequently, overdose of zinc consumption may lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, fatigue, and iron deficiency.

Health benefits includes; helping maintain immunity, treat diarrhoea, protecting the eyes, improve memory, minimize inflammatory disease, prevent infertility, wound healing, skin and hair care, metabolic reaction, and growth.


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1. Maintains Immunity

Low blood levels of zinc have been associated with malfunctioning of the immune system. Immune system do the job of defending you from dangerous disease. An European journal of immunology reported that our body required zinc to activate T lymphocytes (T cells). T cells is a components of white blood cells which enhance immune response as well as eliminate cancerous cells. In the light of the above, adequate intake of zinc- rich diet is recommended.

2. Treat Diarrhoea

It pill is widely used to treat diarrhoea, especially in the under 5 children. Deficiency of zinc increase the risk of diarrhoea. Recently, report made by world health organization that over 1.6 million of under 5 children die annually, as a result of diarrhoea. You can save these children by administering zinc pills or diet rich in it.

3. May Improve Memory

Zinc consumption is said to have a positive impact in the neurons which foster effective function of the neurons. Research has depicted that it play a significant role on how the neurons spread information to one another, in order to promote memory.

4. Protect The Eyes

One of the factor reducing eyes performance is cellular damage in the retinal.  The  nutrient is  believed to assist in stopping oxidative stress, which increase age-related muscular degeneration and vision loss. However, more research is needed to ascertain it full potential in eyes protection.

5. Minimize Inflammation

A zinc-diet or supplement consumed helps reduce inflammatory disease. While deficiency of zinc increase inflammation of chronic disease and accelerate inflammatory process.

6. Prevent Infertility

Deficiency of zinc has been linked to low sperm count in male. So, to curb this incorporate zinc-rich diet in your daily food plans. Experts said poor intake contributes to low sperm count in male, and result to infertility.

7. Wound Healing

It is essential at fasten wound healing process. High blood levels is very helpful as it protect our skin cells integrity and structures. Many researchers claimed that lower serum level of zinc may delay wound healing. Moreover, it participate in protein synthesis which ensure repair and regeneration of new cells.

8. For Growth

Zinc-rich diet also plays an important role in the growth development. It’s involved in protein synthesis and different enzymatic reactions which enable it promote growth. Low serum levels of zinc have as well observed to cause growth retardation, mainly among children.

9. Good For Skin Care

It is also beneficial in terms of skin care. It helps keep your skin youthful and reduce skin infection such as acne, that occurs when there is inflammation. However, it is active at minimizing inflammation.

10. Metabolic process

Interestingly, it involved in many metabolic reactions in the body, one of them is the stimulation of hormone such as insulin. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and helping regulate blood sugar levels. Optimum levels of zinc in the blood is thought to help combat thyroid problems as well improve metabolic rate ( 1) .

It is a trace mineral known for various health benefits such as synthesis of DNA, reproductive system, and immune system to mention but a few. Deficiency of zinc leads to impairment of immune system, sexual problems etc. It can be found in foods like fish, meat, nuts and vegetables.

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