9 Incredible Health Benefits Of Sodium


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Sodium rich food is an indispensable electrolyte our body needs for fluid balance as well as blood pressure control. It is a cation located in the extracellular fluid and contributes in various bodily functions.

Sodium important role in the body does not limit to blood pressure maintenance or fluid balance, it is very good for maintaining acid – base balance, nerves impulse transmission, and muscle contraction (1) .

Getting normal recommended amount of sodium daily helps improves all bodily functions, whereas excessive intake of sodium rich-foods impair these performance and exacerbate hypertension and edema.

Sodium is popular today because of it contributions in meals, adding flavor, and making foods more appealing. People are advised to consume approximately 2.3 g/ per day for adults, this minimize deficiency which have consistently affect body’s functionality.

Sodium deficiency include muscle cramps, mental apathy, impairment of nervous system, even heighten stomach cancer. Though when there is low sodium intake, the body adjust by decreasing sodium losses in urine and sweet thus minimizing deficiencies of sodium.

Consumption of sodium- rich food is generally beneficial in the body, however it should be lowered or restricted for people suffering from kidney problems or edema in order to reduce further health risk.

Source Of Sodium- rich food 

Common salt
Egg yolk
Baking power
Baking soda
Leafy vegetables
Processed cheese
Smoke fish
Salty meat
Home made soup

10 Health Benefits Of Sodium

1. Reduce Muscle Cramps

Sodium is a nutrient functioning as electrolyte mineral and fluid balance. Sodium is lost through sweating and urine. This makes it crucial for replacement as it’s continuous loss, would result to dehydration, and cause painful muscle cramps. Similarly, taking recommended amount of sodium helps prevent muscles cramps and promote a healthy living.

2. Improve Oral Health

Sodium occurs naturally with salt, sodium chloride which can be used to treat sore throat or oral health. It is used to ward off bacteria growth, that cause tooth decay. Sodium also possess anesthetic properties that helps relieves tooth pain and boosting the gum. Taking products made with salt assist at reducing inflammation that may occur.

3. Prevent Sunstroke

Dehydration is a big factor affecting fluid balance, arising a severe cramps of the sensitive parts of the body, such as heart and vascular system. Bodily exposure to high temperature slow it capacity to keep an ideal temperature. This result loss of salt and water from the body. People use sodium- rich foods to prevent effect of sunstroke or heat exhaustion as it helps replace the loss of electrolyte.

4. Enhance Healthy Brain function

Sodium is found out side the cells and contributes greatly in the transmission of electrical impulse to the brain. It is important to keep normal serum level of sodium, this is to minimize inability to focus and poor coordination. Hence, consuming up to 2.3g of sodium is thought to decrease risk of neurological problems such as Alzheimer’s.

5. Promotes Anti-aging

Sodium- rich foods helpful at decreasing fast appearance of aging, this is why many anti aging products contains sodium. It is active at destroying the dangerous effect of free radicals on the skin. Most of the products use to moisturise the skin have sodium in them, which slow evaporation of water and promote it hydrating quality. However, free radicals can also impact negatively on the structural protein collagen, which may give raise to aging process.

6. Maintains Body pH

One of the function of sodium is acid- base balance. Sodium does not just maintain balance of this compounds but play a regulatory role in the kidney, and promoting urine excretion – urine is an acidic compounds. Consumption of sodium-rich food  helps in the optimization of body PH.

7. Enhance Restful Sleep

It is an essential mineral required in the body; it minimize the effect of stress hormones cortisol in the body. It is said that some people with low sodium or restricted sodium intake finds it difficult to sleep. Though those predisposed to high blood pressure are advised to sticks to their normal blood pressure measures.

8. Maintains Acids- Base Balance

Sodium is found out side the cells – electrolyte. Electrolyte is said to help in the acids- base balance in the body. Lack of sodium in the body is linked to many life threatening disease for instance, low blood pressure. You can as well experience this health disorder if you are deficient of sodium in your body. It importance in our body so eye-dropping as it ensure balance of the electrolyte

9. Increase Low Blood Pressure

About 40% of sodium is found in combination of salt. Too much low blood sodium levels leads to high blood pressure. Equally, it helps increase low blood pressure if it is used as recommended. If your hypertensive or cardiovascular problems consult doctor and dietitian prior to use.



Sodium rich food is an important nutrients in human body.  It plays a crucial role in fluid balance and many  other functions of the body. It can be obtained from plant and in the Processed foods.

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