11 Reason Why You Need Vitamin C


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Vitamin C (ascorbic acids), is a member of water- soluble vitamin (1)  and it functions as collagen synthesis, as well as antioxidant.

Being an antioxidant vitamin, speed up it strength at destroying harmful substance aimed at causing various health problems such as cancer, common cold, heart problems, weak immune system to name but a few (2).

The essential vitamin is required on daily basis to promote iron absorption, neurotransmitters, bone and teeth maintenance, wound healing, as it cannot be stored in the body and must be obtained through vitamin C rich foods (3).

Historically, people consume fruits and vegetables to mitigate deficiency of vitamin C such as bleeding gums, scurvy, fatigue, joint pain, cardiovascular disease etc (4) ,.

Even though, it involved in metabolic process, over consumption of vitamin C may predisposes one to diarrhoea, stomach pain among many others (5).

Vitamin C ( ascorbic acids) Health benefits includes;  possession of allergic properties, protect the heart health, improve immune system, delay aging process, protect the eye, treat scurvy, regulate mood, reduction of high blood pressure, prevent cancer, and common cold.

Evidently,  vitamin C reduces inflammation, swelling, and related symptoms that happen at the site of an allergic reaction (6).

Source Of Vitamin C
Brussels sprouts
Turnip green

10 Reason Why You Need Vitamin C- Rich Foods

1. Vitamin C possess anti-allergic effect

Histamine has been observed as the most cause of many allergic reactions in the body.

To curb this daunting health problem, opt for vitamin C rich diet as it possess anti allergic properties that can sufficiently impede formation of histamine.

Vitamin C does a lot of work in the body, acting as antioxidant and suppressing all forms of allergic reactions. It offers you a healthy living and keep allergy at bay.

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2. Improve Immunity

Vitamin C is widely known for boosting immune system and protect you from various dangerous pathogen, virus, and infections.

It is clear that vitamin C reduce oxidative damage, and build a defense mechanism when added in a diet.

Nutritionists emphasis on daily consumption of vitamin C rich so as to promote a healthy living.

3. Protect The Heart Health

In arteries and veins, build ups or fat deposits decreases blood flow, causing cardiovascular problems (7).

Vitamin C is helpful in this regard, as it enhance relaxation of the arteries, and ward off build up in the arteries and veins.

This allows smooth flow of blood in the body. Equally, vitamin C is said to regulate cholesterol levels and release of cholesterol from the body for energy generation.

4. Delay Aging Process

Vitamin C is known for collagen synthesis. Collagen play a very significant role in human body, it is responsible for maintaining the skin, muscle and holding cells together.

Moreover, signs of aging process like wrinkles and fine lines can be reduce by vitamin C due to the antioxidant found in it (8).

5. Regulate mood

Vitamin C work together with other nutrients to maintain mood. For instance, the conversion of amino acids to tryptophan and tyrosine to the neurotransmitters and nor- epinephrine, a hormones that regulate mood. You benefits from eating vitamin C rich- foods when added into your diet, this is because of the properties attached to vitamin C.

6. Scurvy Prevention

Scurvy occurs where there is deficiency of vitamin C, which featured with loss of teeth, hair and unhealthy nail. Routine intake of vitamin C is often advised by health practitioners to reduce it negative effect on blood vessels and bones.

7. Cancer Prevention

Cancer treatment is more painful then the disease it self and must prevented with all necessary measure. The antioxidant in vitamin C is responsible for destroying free radicals that cause cell mutation – leading to cancer (9) .

8. Protect The Eye

Vitamin C is useful in the treatment of cataract as it reduce the effect of free radicals damage in the blood vessels.

Being an excellent source of antioxidant earn it potential at detoxifying the blood vessels, and protect against degenerative disease.

9. Reduce High Blood Pressure

Vitamin C helps relax the arteries in order to promote blood circulation. The antioxidant participate in keeping the blood pressure optimized, by reducing blockage and inflammation in the blood vessels. It is recommended daily not just for those suffering from hypertension but for everybody.

10. Prevent Common Cold

Vitamin C is widely known for prevention and elimination of common cold. It is hypothesized that vitamin C increase immune system- this fight against factors that contributes to health problems.

As it aid production of White blood cells which impede development of health disorder like common cold.

Several research have proven that vitamin C has potent to prevent cold if consumed regularly according to the recommended daily allowance.

Nevertheless, research is underway to ascertain it full potential at combating common cold.

11. Aid absorption of iron

Vitamin C consumption may help improve the absorption of iron from the diet. Vitamin C aid in converting iron that is not properly absorbed, like plant-based sources of iron, into a form that the body can use.

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Vitamin C (ascorbic acids) is very beneficial to our body as it solve various health problems. You obtain vitamin C via diet and through food supplement.

Consequently, low blood levels of vitamin is attributed to scurvy, bleeding gums, fatigue among others.


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