8 Reason Why You Should Eat Vitamin K-rich Foods

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Vitamin k-rich foods are widely known for blood clotting, bone building, cardiovascular health and it’s belong to fat-soluble vitamins  (1) .

Vitamin k is synthesized mainly in the gastrointestinal track, with the help of bacteria. It is thought that half of human bodily requirement is obtained through GI track, while others come from dietary source.

The essential vitamin appears in different form; phylloquuinone( k1 ) and menaquinone ( k2 ). Vitamin k1 is derived from plants source and vitamin k2 animal source.

Accumulated evidence suggests that vitamin k deficiency is rare, though newborn babies, those on antibiotics drugs are more vulnerable to vitamin k deficiency as there could be malabsorption of vitamin k in the GI track.

Despite it role in prevention of hemorrhagic disease, vitamin k- rich foods are also beneficial in many health problems.

Let’s find out other health benefits of vitamin K this include bone maintenance, menstrual cycle and bleeding, prevention of dental health, cancer prevention, wound healing, good for immune system, arthritis and osteoporosis,

Source of vitamin K
Brussels sprouts
Eggs yolk
Soybean oil

10 Reason Why You Should Eat Vitamin K-Rich Foods


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1. Maintains Bone

Vitamin K is very vital in bone building, as it keeps the bone strengthened. Recent research depicted that vitamin k when incorporated promote bone protein synthesis, and protect against hip fracture. It is also discovered that without vitamin k, the bones produce an abnormal protein that may not bind to the minerals which often generate bones. Hence, vitamin k participate in absorption and utilization of calcium in the body. It is usually found with diary products which have abundance of calcium, this combination earn your bones the necessary support it needs for growth.

2. Menstrual cycle & Bleeding

Excessive bleeding and pains during women’s monthly period can be life-threatening as it often lead to anemia. Eating vitamin k enriched foods can help regulate hormones in the body and increase blood- clothing which provide reliefs. If your suffering for menstrual pains and excessive bleeding, opt for vitamin k rich foods, since they also reduce pains and cramps.

3. Prevent Cancer

Vitamin k may reduce cancer development. According to researchers, that vitamin k can reduce inflammation related to colon cancer, and skin cancer. Moreover, research is underway to find out it full potential for cancer prevention. Interestingly, most foods containing vitamin k are good source of natural compounds, that can reduce chances of cancer as well.

4. Dental Health

Vitamin k- rich foods participate in bone and teeth building, this helps reduce tooth decay. Consuming foods packed with vitamin k assist dental health and overall oral care.

5. Inhibit Arthritis & Osteoporosis

As mentioned previously, vitamin k is involved in bone formation, making them potent at symptoms associated with osteoporosis. Vitamin k is said to be Anti-inflammatory in nature given it power to prevent inflammation which is characterized with joint pains, redness, to name but a few. However, vitamin k- rich foods benefits women even those suffering from menopause.

6. Wound Healing

The primary functions of vitamin k is blood- clotting which helps reduce hemorrhage. Its work in synergy with protein to fasten wound healing process. Experts say one suffering from vitamin k deficiency may have a delay in wound healing. Vitamin k health benefits are innumerable, and it is recommended for all.

7. Hemorrhage Prevention In infants

Actually half of required vitamin k are synthesized in the gastrointestinal track by the help of bacteria, but in newborn babies there vitamin k – producing bacteria takes weeks to form. This is why the health professionals gives a dose of vitamin k to prevent hemorrhagic disease.

8. Good For Immune System

Vitamin k is superb, making a meal full of the source helps immune system. The blood-clotting and Anti-inflammatory properties also contributes for keeping its functionality. Vitamin K helps maintain digestion and reduce risk of chronic disease too.

Vitamin K- rich food is a fat- soluble vitamin which play an important role in our body such as blood clotting, immunity, bone development and many others. It is rich in milk, eggs, nuts, fruit and whole grains. However, low blood levels of vitamin K is linked with hemorrhagic disease.


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