10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Vitamin D

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Vitamin D(fat-soluble vitamin) can be source from the sun and animal, or foods supplement. This helps strengthen bone and teeth (1) .

The prohormone, is believed to aid absorption of calcium, phosphorus in the gastrointestinal track; this way blood calcium concentration is increased, boost bone formation as well immunity.

Research has proven that those with low exposure to sunshine and fortified milk or supplement are prone to vitamin D deficiency, which cause ricket in children, osteomalacia and many others.

Moreover, too much blood calcium is known as hypercemia, triggered as a result of vitamin D toxicity. This may lead to hardening of blood vessels, calcification of bone, kidney and heart problems.

Health benefits includes; bone development, maintains the heart health, good for infant, boosting fertility, improve immune system, promote muscle functions, and others are good for pregnant women, may prevent cancer, treat rickets and delay onset of type 2 diabetes.

Source of vitamin D
Vitamin D fortified milk
Chocolate mixes
Egg yolk

Here are the health benefits of vitamin D( fat-soluble vitamin)


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1. Bone Development

Exposure to sun and fortified milk products are common way of reaping from vitamin D, which is essential for bone formation. Ideal concentration of vitamin D in blood does a lot of job as it promotes absorption of calcium and phosphorus, making it possible for bone development. Moreover, deficiency of the vitamin leads to rickets and osteomalacia- softening of the bone.

2. Good For Infant

Adequate intake of vitamin D in children is vital as it prevent progress of childhood diseases which includes, dermatitis, eczema, and asthma. Recent research has demonstrated that normal dose of vitamin D consumption may reduce risk of arteries and stiffness. Similarly, it is thought to accelerate, anti-inflammatory quality attributed to glucocorticoid, and this benefits those living with steroid resistant asthma.

3. Boost Fertility

Vitamin D is among the fat -soluble vitamin which can contributes in fertility. You obtain this vitamin by either exposure to sun or supplementing fortified milk into your meal regularly. Hence, enhancement of vitamin D level in the blood may helps improve fertility.

4. Maintain The Heart Health

Some studies conducted on vitamin D suggests that those with poor vitamin D have up to 40 % risk of developing heart-related problems. Though more studies are required to find out the potential of vitamin D in heart-related issues. Interestingly, Increasing your vitamin D content helps maintain your heart health.

5. Boost Immune System

A strong immune system protect you from various kinds of disease. Therefore, maintaining immune system is necessary to inhibit growth of pathogenic bacteria in the body. Decent dosage of vitamin D can be supportive at improving immune system.

 Improve Muscle Functions

Consumption of vitamin D rich foods is said to strengthen the muscle, increase muscle growth as well as accelerating absorption of minerals in the intestinal such as calcium and phosphorus, this helps improve muscle function. Deficiency of this mineral might contributes to poor muscle growth.

7. Vitamin D In Type 2- diabetes

According to experts that vitamin D intake may fight off factors promoting type 2 diabetes. Diabetes affect many people worldwide, and the complications are so detrimental. Best and ease way to prevent and control diabetes is consumption of nutrients capable of decreasing factors that promote diabetes particularly, type-2 diabetes.

8. Combat Rickets

Lack of vitamin D(fat-soluble vitamin), calcium and phosphorus in the blood leads to bone disorder in children such as beaded ribs, bowed legs. Rickets can be treated with the use of these vitamins.  Therefore, enriched your meals foods regularly with vitamins.

9. For Pregnant Women

Findings have suggested that pregnant women who are vitamin D deficient have chances of developing preeclampsia and giving birth preterm. Consequently, medical practitioners attributes vitamin D deficiency in the blood to gestational diabetes.

10. May Prevent Cancer

Adequate intake of vitamin D(fat-soluble vitamin) enriched foods can also delay progress of gene involving in cancer development. Although more studies are needed to ascertain it potency in cancer prevention.

The vitamin(fat-soluble vitamin) is as important as every other water soluble vitamin in human body. The primary source of vitamin D is sun, animal or fortified milk. It is necessary for absorption of certain minerals like calcium and phosphorus. However, it  deficiency result to rickets and osteomalacia.

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