10 Reason Why You Need Vitamin A Rich Food



Vitamin A- rich food is an indispensable nutrient required for vision, immune system, reproduction, growth, cells’ division and healthy skin. It is a member of the fat- soluble vitamins, including vitamin D E, and vitamin K (1) .

This fat- soluble vitamin is obtained in two ways, the plants source and animal source. The animals source has retinol compounds found in egg, fish, meat, whole milk. To name but a few, the plants source have beta-carotenoid, a precursor of vitamin A; and examples include carrots,winter squash, spinach, mango, pumpkins, citrus fruit, sweet potatoes, papaya and many others.

The caroteneoid function as a precursor which convert to vitamin A in the body. Beta-carotene, alpha- carotenee, beta-carotene,beta-caryptoxanthin, except, lutein zeaxanth, and lycopene, have vitamin A activity and is essential in the prevention of disease.

They have high percent of antioxidant which helps eradicate oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Fruit, vegetables rich in beta-carotenoid are characterized with yellow, red, and some are masked with green pigment called chlorophyll.

However, over consumption of vitamin A rich foods is reported to promote toxicity and cause decoloration of skin.

Furthermore, lack of vitamin A in the blood cause night blindness, birth defects, power growth, skin disorder and impaired immunity. Research has  shown that pregnant women are more vulnerable to vitamin A deficiency, therefore they need adequate amount of vitamin A foods.

Vitamin A health benefits include,
Vitamin A Maintains the Eyes,for healthy bone, repair tissues, improve fertility, boost immune system, combat measles, prevent cancer, skin care, delay aging process, for pregnant women.

 10 Reason why You Need Vitamin A Rich Food 


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1. Vitamin A maintains the Eyes

Scientifically, vitamin A is well-known for maintenance of eyesight, as well as combating night blindnes . Use of plant-based source of vitamin A is notable in this regard such as spinach, carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and many others. They are said to be loaded with beta-carotenoid, which participate in vision and prevention of eye defects. It is also clear that they possess antioxidant, which are potent at dealing with oxidative damage, capable of destroying the cells and the tissues of the eye.

2. For healthy Bone

It will interest you to known that vitamin A participate in bone development. It is believed that in bone growth, the bone- remodeling cells have to unbuckle some parts of the bone as it progresses, and vitamin A helps in the dismantling. However, adequate quantities of dairy products and vitamin D, alongside with vitamin A helps promote a healthy bone and teeth. So, to enhance bone building and overall well being, incorporate vitamin A rich foods into your diet.

3. Repair Tissues

Eating adequately helps in all round, adding vitamin A packed foods in your daily food plan is thought to accelerate tissue repair. As the body reproduce tissues and cells to replace old tissues with new ones, it requires nutrients to speed up this process. In addition, it is advised to consume vitamin A rich foods, since it also protect the various lines of the mouth, stomach, lungs, respiratory, digestive track, lines of the uterus and many others.

4. Improve fertility

As Stated earlier, vitamin A is a fat-solube vitamin, this makes them superb in promoting fertility. Foods source, especially animal-based provide you with retinol which contribute profoundly in reproduction and a healthy sexual drive. Vitamin A contains antioxidant as well, meaning that obstruction of the arteries supplying blood to the penis will be technically eliminated, thus ensuring ideal flow of blood. By doing so, problem relating to infertility is reduced drastically.

5. Boost Immune System

Immune system is responsible for protect the body against infectious disease. This function is facilitated with consumption of foods that has a slew of minerals and vitamins like vitamin A. Vitamin A is known for maintaining lymphocytic response which helps ward off factors that affect antigen. You also benefits from the beta-carotenoid, an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals, a major causes of disease in human body, this happens immediately you consume carrots, spinach, etc,.

6. Combat Measles

Measles is common among children, and leading causes of child mortality worldwide. It often come with diarrhoea, fever whenever there is deficiency of vitamin A in the body. Nutritionists says intake of diet with enough vitamin A content helps prevent and relieves measles.

7. For Pregnant women

Evidence shows that women who are pregnant benefits from consuming vitamin A rich food, since it support ideal fetal development during pregnancy. Vitamin A does not limit to growth of the fetal,but improve general well-being of the body.

8. Help Delay Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are sign of aging process, it can be stopped by regularly consumption of meals that contains vitamin A. The beta-carotenoid found in plant-based vitamin A ,is responsible for fighting off symptoms linked to aging process. Vitamin A helps moisturise your skin and keeps your skin youthful.

9. Skin care

Vitamin A is advantageous in maintenance of the skin owing to the fact that it foster production of sebum. Sebum helps moisturise the skin. The beta-carotenoid obtained from vitamin A keeps your skin maintained and decrease skin disorder.

10. Prevent Cancer

Vitamin A play a significant role in terms of cancer prevention. Fruit and vegetables are excellent source of caroteneoid which functions as antioxidant. This phytochemical is associated to the lowering risk of prostate, and lung cancer.


Actually, vitamin A- rich food benefits in human is numerous, but should be eating moderately. The plants source and animal source of vitamin A work better when consumed together. Too much consumption of vitamin A is noted for it negative effect on skin decoloration.

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