Pure Mugwort Essential Oil, Benefits & Uses

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Pure mugwort essential oil ( Artemisia vulgaris) is an ancient herb use in preparation of numerous types of medicine.

It was seem as supernatural plant by many people, though it can speed up your physic power. It is produced from the flowers and leaves of mugwort.

Today many part of the world have joined China in use of mugwort essential oil to treat several diseases. This is because it possess a lot of health benefits and some amazing component like camphene, camphone, cineole, beta thujone  (1) .

However, as previously mentioned, it’s has potent to combat diseases, yet there is no diverse effect, if consume temperately.

Health benefit including; Reduce toxins, aid digestion,secretion of enzymes and hormone, treat menstrual pain, anti aging, support immune system

6 Health Benefits Of Mugwort essential oil

1. Reduce toxins

When toxins accumulate in your body,organ, cells and tissues to malfunctions. To get rid of this toxins as to promote proper functions of the body, becomes necessary. Truly there are many detoxifier but picking the most viable and safer one is crucial. Mugwort essential oil is an excellent way of detoxify your kidney, as well as liver.

2. Aid digestion

Digestion enable the body to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream by the aid of necessary enzymes. Mugwort essential oil helps facilitate release of digestive juice and bile, know for breaking down of food molecules. Consuming it would offer you chance of getting these benefit; it has been proven to have no adverse effect on human body.

3 . Stimulate secretion of Enzymes and Hormone

Enzymes and Hormone work together in order to regulate the activities of the various organ, tissues and cell. Mugwort essential oil stimulate secretion of hormone and enzymes. Enzymes, speed up bio-chemical reaction while different types of hormone are secreted for proper functions of the body.

4. Treat Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain comes with various symptoms like headache, fatigue, abdominal pain, fever and nausea. Mugwort essential oil has been found to be effective in relieving menstrual pains. Put menstrual pain away from your body by adding it on your diet.

5. Anti aging

Aging makes you look older than you expected; many over stress themselves on daily bases without taking appropriate diet, to rejuvenate. However, fine lines and wrinkles are some symptoms of aging, scientists have suggested the use of effective plant based products like Mugwort essential oil to treat and prevent aging. Mugwort essential oil can effectively moisturizer your skin, if applied, as it diffusing into your skin and inhibit formation of wrinkles and fine lines that cause quick aging.

6. Support Immune System

Once again, mullein essential oil is widely used to prepare medicine,herbs from it, is very significant for boosting immune system. Immune system help defend the body against infectious disease, simply by keep then inactive. Mugwort essential oil have capacity to fight against infectious causing factors, hence promoting immune system. When incorporated assist inhibit growth of micro bacteria. Aside supporting immune system it can be use to disinfect contaminated surfaces.

Pure mugwort essential oil is used in preparation of herb medicine, and it’s filled with a lot of health benefits. It’s comprises of different natural compounds which is beneficial to the body. It should be taking moderately, also consult a physician before use.

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