10 Benefits Of Juniper Pure Essential Oil

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Juniper pure essential oil  is obtained via steam distillation from stems and wood of juniper plants.

The evergreen plants, has a pungent, aromatic flavor used for culinary and as a herb.

It is botanically known as juniperus communis, originated from Asian, North America where juniper have been predominantly used to cure different diseases such as kidney stone, urinary track infection etc.

Limonene, nerol, linalyl acetate, alpha- terpineol, alpha-terpinene , caryophyllene, and myrecene, are components of juniper attributed to it active role in treatment and prevention of disease  (1) .

Moreover, many companies add it to alcoholic beverage owing to strong fragrance in juniper berries.

Juniper  health benefits include, antiseptic properties, combat arthritis, stomach disorder, posse antiduretic properties, work as astringent, carminative property, reduce cramps,  detoxify blood, posse tonic effect, and act as stimulant.

10 Health Benefits Of Juniper Pure  Essential Oil 

1. Antiseptic properties

Many people use juniper oil to treat wounds or injuries, this is associated to the presence of  antiseptic properties found in juniper oil. It protect the person from developing tetanus, by fighting off bacteria and viral infections.

2. Combat Arthritis

Juniper oil helps treat rheumatism, arthritis and symptoms linked to arthritis. You can immensely benefits from consuming juniper essential oil since it promote healthy circulation of blood and removal of plaques or toxic substance. However, the Anti-inflammatory properties helps ward off inflammation which result to swollen, joint pains, stiffness among others.

3. Help Prevent Stomach Disorder

Juniper oil helps maintain and keeps stomach functioning effectively. Poor secretion of gastric acid in the body may triggers indigestion, like diarrhoea, constipation and flatulence. Juniper oil enhance secretion of gastric acid and bile ( a base in nature, that react with acid), in a bid to increase as well as maintain and relieves stomach disorder.

4. Possess Anti- diuretic properties

Juniper oil assist promotion of regular urination and removal of toxins in order keep the body function effectively. Hence, normal urination facilitate removal of accumulated waste products, and minimizing extra salts. Excessive salt, leads to water retention, causing high blood pressure.

5. Work as astringent

Juniper pure Essential oil is very advantageous as it  cure toothache, improve a healthy gum and overall health of oral cavity. However, applying juniper oil either topically or internally helps reduce inflammation and pains.

6. Carminative Properties

Research has shown that intake of juniper oil helps reduce, acute stomach aches, intestinal gas. Excess gas in the body chest pain, diarrhoea and constipation are symptoms of indigestion. Use of juniper oil reduce chance of developing intestinal gas, even though it minimize risk of heart disease.

7. Detoxifier Blood

Science has revealed that toxins, fat deposits and waste products impede ideal flow of blood whereas a clean blood promote proper circulation of blood. Hence, effective flow of blood enable nutrients get to the targeted areas, thus reducing deficiency of nutrients. However,juniper oil helps sanitize the arteries, blood vessels and decrease fluid retention.

8. Juniper oil Relief Cramps

You can also combat cramps with the use of juniper oil since it has antispasmodic properties. People apple juniper oil due to it calming and relaxing effect. Massaging the body with juniper oil, means you’re putting stomach cramps, muscles cramps and menstruation cramps at bay.

9. Possesses Tonic effect

With this feature, you can tone the tissues, skin and the body with juniper oil. Juniper oil is chosen over other essential oil, because it vital role at maintaining excretory system, digestive system and respiratory system.

10. Act As Stimulate

Juniper oil has capacity to stimulate secretion of hormones, thus reduce depression, anxiety and fatigue when consumed. For instance, it stimulate secretion of important system like nervous system that can efficiently impact on the brain and decrease mental disorder,and memory loss. It strength in stimulating the body is linked to galactogugoe properties. It also stimulate metabolic activities, which improve a healthy lifestyle.


Juniper pure essential oil is formed from steam distillation, and it is  used either as herb or culinary in many homes. The chemical compounds found in it, is linked to it effectiveness in treating and prevention of various health problems.

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