10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Dill Essential Oil

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10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Dill Essential Oil

Dill essential oil is derived from the seed of dill plant(Anethum Sowu) after thorough steam distillation.

The Dill plant is mostly grown in European countries, where it is highly revered by the “Roman Empire” as a herb for reduction of stress and anxiety. Today, the yellowish oil, can be found in India for medicinal purposes.

Components of Dill Essential Oil; Terpinene, D-carvone, Eugenol Myristicin, Dillapiol, limonene (1) .

Health benefit; include, enhance digestion, inhibit fungal infection, stress and anxiety, relieves muscle spasm, disinfectant, diuretic properties, prevent cancer, wound healing, stomach disorder and Galactagogue.

10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Dill Essential Oil

1. Enhance Digestion

Dill essential oil helps promote and stimulate secretion of useful digestive enzymes such as lipase, amylase and peptidase, which assist in breaking down of food into absorbable form. It is said to have start this process by stimulating secretion of salivary gland, the first stage of digestion of foods.

2. Inhibit Fungal Activity

Fungal has been a source of worries to some people while it has left many with chronic ailments, after successful invasion. Dill essential oil helps inhibit fungal cell membranes, thereby preventing it for further damage to the body. In addition, it also treat disease associated to fungal infection like Candidiasis.

3. Stress and Anxiety

It has a calming and relaxing properties which help relaxes the nerves and calm the brain.

4. Relieves Muscle spasm

Dill essential oil has a calming and relaxing properties which help reduce spasms. Spasm brings pains and abnormal contraction of the various muscle of the body. Dill oil helps relaxes and calm the body.

5. Serve As Disinfectant

It often use to prevent infection. In addition to clearing up bacteria and viral infection, It is also used to disinfect food from microbial dominance. Dill is extensively believed that dill essential oil when consume can sufficiently cure bacteria in the genital region, urinary track infection

6. Diuretic Properties

It helps ease passage of excess water and waste products out of the body due to it’s diuretic properties. It helps flush out excess electrolyte such as sodium, potassium , which may cause high blood pressure. Similarly, regular use of dill essential oil helps enhance passage of urine in patients experiencing urinary track infection, and kidney disorder.

7. Help Prevent Cancer

It is very important in cancer prevention as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. This essential oil assist in stopping oxidative stress, believed to be a major causes of cancer in the body. According to experts, that it has the potency to inhibit cancer cells especially those in the mouth and throat.

8. Fasten wound Healing Process

It plays an important role in facilitating fast wound healing process. Studies conducted have suggested that Dill essential oil may quicken healing of wound and bruises since it has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, applying it topically or internally helps ensure speed recovering.

9. Galactagogue

It has been reported that some women faces a lot of challenges at producing adequate breasts milk required by the child, leading to malnourishment of the child. So are you experiencing this disorder, dill essential oil is best natural remedy as it facilitating breasts milk production. Carefully apply around the nipple since there no adverse effect on the child.

10. Stomach Disorder

essential oil helps promote performance of the stomach by protecting it from bacterial growth as stimulating release of digestive juice. It may also treat, speed up healing process of ulcer and injuries.

DillĀ  oil is highly beneficial if applied topically or inhaled. It offers numerous health benefits include stomach disorder, fasten wound healing, prevent cancer etc.

10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Dill Essential Oil

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