8 Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Kola Nut

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Kola nuts  are obtained from the kola tree, predominantly grown in the tropical rainforest of waste Africa.

The evergreen tree, grows about 15- 20 meters tall, and bears a hard shell like- structure which contains kola nut.

Kola nuts  have  bitter taste but if chewed appears friendly and sweet; its a caffeine-containing fruit.

Moreover, kola nut belongs to the family of cola nitida and cola. It’s scientifically know as cola.

It is not limited to flavoring soda but can also be used in medicine manufacturing.

Furthermore, in eastern Nigeria, kola nut is highly revered and used as a cultural symbols for various traditional activities.

It is used to perform traditional rituals and to welcome guest during festival, funerals, weddings to mention but a few.

In every traditional gathering or meetings, breaking of the kola nut is very important as it goes with offering of a token before it could be successfully broken and generally accepted (1) .

This article is going to explore 8 benefits of kola nut.

Kola nuts Health benefits includes, source of energy, may boost immune system, weight loss, help prevent cancer, treat respiratory disease, enhance metabolism, promote gastric gland, combat osteoarthritis.

1. Source Of Energy

Many people take kola nut for energy boosting capacity, or as it makes them remain focused and coordinated. Research has shown that kola nut has a stimulating effect when consumed. It fasten blood circulation, meaning that oxygen gets to the brain making you to coordinate effectively. Moreover, kola nut is loaded with glucose, which is the main fuel for the brain, and energy source for the entire body. Hence, taking kola nut moderately, will help generate energy, improve concentration and as well enhance blood flow.

2. Promote Weight Loss

Kola nut can also act as a natural remedy for weight loss, and to get your desired weight, add kola nut in your diet plan . Kola nut increase metabolism which facilitate your body to burn off stored fat, remove toxins as well as improve your weight reduction plan. Most importantly, kola nut suppress your appetite and maintain your satiety. People that eat kola nut, tends to drink more water, which further enhance metabolism.

3. Boost Immune System

Kola nut is very helpful in detoxifying the body as it keeps you away from toxins. It possesses a natural compound called, antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals as well as speeding up defence mechanism against microorganism. Consumption of kola nut will systematically improve your immune and makes you less prone to infectious disease. In addition, compromising your immune functions can expose you to innumerable disease, eat adequately to boost your immunity; avoid self medication, always consult a dietitians or doctors for expert care.

4. Help Prevent Cancer

Recent research has shown that kola nut has potent to prevent and inhibit early stage of prostate cancer. Kola nut is believed to have a natural compounds such as phytoandrogens and phytoestrogens. Both of the compounds are very powerful for inhibiting and eliminating prostate cells development. It is an Anti-inflammatory agent, try it and be cancer free. So, intake of kola nut helps decrease your chance of getting prostate cancer.

5. Enhance Metabolism

As mentioned above, it is a stimulants, this is associated to the high amount of caffeine in kola nut. it stimulate the body metabolic rate which might not be good when taken excessively but those with heart related disease should consult a physician prior use, avoid self- medication.

6. Treat Respiratory Disease

In eastern Nigeria, kola nut is used to relieves respiratory disorder. Kola nut when consumed helps decongest and dilate the bronchioles which in turn treat all symptoms attributed to respiratory disease such as cold, flu, asthma and bronchitis, thanks to the presence of caffeine in kola nut.

7. Promote Gastric Gland

Kola nut is also very useful in the gastrointestinal track. Kola nut as a stimulants, facilitate release of gastric acid in the stomach, which in turn accelerate breaking down of foods. Presence of gastric acid in the stomach, inhibit growth of pathogenic bacteria. If you often experience indigestion, take more kola nut since it improve digestion.

8. Combat Osteoarthritis

Kola nut helps relieves osteoarthritis owing to it Anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory properties makes it ideal solution for prevention and treatment of knee pains, stiffness, swollen, in the joint & cartilage as well as ensuring strong bone. This is achieved by keeping inflammation at bay.

Side effect

Excessive intake of kola nut can trigger undesirable signs, it should be taken moderately.

It is not for those living with hypertension, it has capacity to increase blood pressure

Those of the aged group should consult a doctor before consumption

As a stimulants, it can negatively impact on the brain, leading to sleeping disorder. If you’re experiencing insomnia avoid kola nut.

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