Pure Sandalwood Oil: Benefits & your body

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Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum album) is obtained from a mature tree of sandalwood via steam distillation.

Its comprise of alpha- santalol and beta-santalol, believed to be beneficial in the treatment of various ailments.

However, this aromatherapeutic substance is grown and harvested in countries like Australia, India as well as Hawali.

Due to it fragrance and properties many producers have joined the herbalist in the use of sandalwood essential oil as ingredients in perfume, soap and cosmetics (1) .

Sandalwood essential oil is highly revered by the Hindu religious ceremonies because of the spiritual benefits.

It’s constantly used in the Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine to treat and prevent various kind of disease both physical and mental disorder; Like, high blood pressure, sore throat, anxiety and fatigue.

Health benefits of  pure sandalwood oil include; possess antiseptic properties,lower blood pressure, stress and anxiety, Anti-inflammatory properties, Good for skin, relieves pain.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Sandalwood

1. Treat infection

With the presence of Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties sandalwood essential oil may effectively treat infection and viruses. It help strengthen the immune system, fight against infection and maintain overall health.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Sandalwood essential oil helps prevent and treat inflammation related conditions like circulatory,brain, excretory and digestive inflammation since it contains Anti-inflammatory properties,helps reduce inflammation. It is often use as natural remedy for inflammation, though a substitute to conventional medicine, for instance, ibuprofen. Moreover, consult a physician, it shouldn’t be a substitute for professional advise.

3. Lower blood pressure

Sandalwood essential oil contains hypotensive components, which play a crucial role in blood pressure regulation. Studies have suggested that sandalwood essential oil if applied topically or orally can minimize blood pressure level.

4. Regulate stress and anxiety

Sandalwood essential oil is widely known as a calmer, it relaxes the nerves and mind, even promote emotional stability. Rubbing it or inhaling will help reduce stress and anxiety as it messages the brain thus offers calmness.

5. Promote Memory

Sandalwood essential oil may help maintain brain performance since it can spread within the brain if applied. In aromatherapy, inhaling the fragrance of sandalwood essential oil is known to transmit message to the brain thereby activating nervous system hence ensure proper coordination and improved mentality.

6. Possess antiseptic properties

Sandalwood essential oil is very impressive in terms of speeding up wound healing and elimination of infectious disease in the body. This is associated to the antiseptic properties found in it. When successfully used facilitate healing process and decrease chances of getting infected. It can be use topically or through inhaling.

7. Prevent insomnia

Insomnia occurs when an individual suffers difficulties in sleeping, or disorder in sleeping. It is featured with depression, anxiety, fatigue and mental health issues. It is an established fact that most of the sleeping pill may present side effect, probably because of it’s component. Hence, it is recommended to opt for natural remedy since there is no side effect if consume moderately. Pure sandalwood  oil is an outstanding in terms of reducing insomnia and promoting healthy sleep. It impact positively on the brain which in turn stimulate release of hormone, ensure calmness and relaxes nerves, due to the relaxant properties found in sandalwood.

8. Renal Health

Sandalwood essential oil is very helpful in excretory system,though it contain a relaxing properties. The oil, flush out blocks in urinary system and promote ease passage of urine. Hence, reducing inflammation, infection as well as maintaining proper kidney functions.

9. Good For Skin

Once again, sandalwood essential oil contains antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory properties. Sandalwood helps fight against scars, blemish and acne. Application of sandalwood essential oil also helps eliminate symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, even helps moisturizer the skin.

10. Treat pain

Most pains are cause by either inflammation of the joint or other part of the body. Sandalwood essential oil with it calming properties, promote calmness of the body. Rubbing it on the body or taken internally provid you chance of getting these benefits.

It is an established fact that pure sandalwood oil possesses different health benefits; it should not be used as a substitute to professional advise, always consult your dietitian or doctor prior to use.


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