Oregano oil: Benefits & Uses

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Oregano essential oil (origanum margoram) is obtained from the leaf of oregano plants through the process of steam distillation.

Oregano essential oil is believed to have chemical compounds that are very impressive in human body such as terpinene, Caryophyllene , bisabolene thymol, borneol and cymene (1) .

However, because of it’s potent properties, Oregano contribute positively in the treatment of various disease like pseudomonas, staph infection, Candida albicans and viginal infection.
This essential oil is widely used to preserve food from contamination

Health benefits include; treat respiratory disease, help regulate parasite, antifungal and antiseptic, promote digestion, anti- allergy, good for hair, help maintain skin, treat menstrual problems and prevent cancer.

9. Amazing Health Benefits Of Oregon

1. Treat Respiratory Disease

When there is build up or phlegm in the organ and lungs as a result of respiratory disease they make gas exchange and air-breathing difficult. Clearing these build up in the airways become a must for effective functions of the body. Oregano essential oil is very potent for scrapping out these mucus and build up in the airways to ensure free flow of air and enhance overall health of the body. Rubbing it on your body helps alleviate pains; it also inhibit growth of bacteria, a major cause of respiratory disease, as suggested by researchers.

2. Help Regulate Parasite

Elimination of parasites from human body are among the functions of oregano essential oil. Parasite impact negatively when successfully entered into the body, which can lead to various kind of disease. Oregano essential oil is known for it capacity for elimination of parasite and promotion of healthy life style. Mosquito, tapeworm, bed bug can be effectively regulated with the use of oregano essential oil.

3. Antifungal and Antiseptic

When an infected person cough, sneezes, a thin water droplets is released into the air, if inhaled by nearby person, could cause numerous disease, such as general body pains and respiratory disease. This means of transmission have been reported as one of the ways to acquire it. Thanks to the presence of thymol, which helps eliminate fungal infection from the body. Oregano oil can also speed up wound healing and protect the body against viral infection. These benefits can be gained by the use of oregano essential oil topically or by inhaling.

4. Promote digestion

Oregano essential oil is very significant for improvement of digestive system, since there is no adverse effect as against conventional medicine with preservative. This essential oil helps stimulate release of necessary enzymes required for digestion and absorption. Many people chosen to inhale it, while some rub it on their body, but maintaining regular use of Oregon essential oil, is a right steps for proper digestion.

5. Anti- Allergy

This occur when the body’s immune system react negatively after consumption of certain foods. It is characterized with several symptoms such as swelling of the lips, face, tongue and throat, diarrhoea and vomiting. It is considered natural remedy for allergic reactions in the body, since it possess Anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce inflammation and symptoms of allergy.

6. Good for hair Care

It can also help eliminate dandruff, improve hair follicles and reduce hair loss. Oregano essential oil when applied, promote healthy hair growth, even though it is a natural remedy for hair. Persistent use of xenobiotic substance may damage your hair.

7. Help Maintain Skin

Use of oregano oil helps maintain the skin and prevent skin disorder like psoriasis, eczema, dryness and acne. Oregano essential oil may help eliminate all these symptoms; facilitate secretion of sebum which minimize skin dryness.

8. Treat Menstrual problem

Frequent use of oregano oil may help enhance healthy flow of blood, hence reducing menstrual pains. If you’re suffering from this, don’t border, oregano essential oil can help fix it.

9. Prevent Cancer

Cancer has claimed many lives worldwide, it may interest you to known that oregano essential oil is filled with phenol. This is a natural compound very potent for fighting off free radicals, and known for causing cellular mutation which is a risk factor of cancer. You gain this benefit by either inhaling it or topically application.

In the light of the above, Oregon’s essential oil benefits is amazing, though seek professional advise before consumption.

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