What Are The Health Benefits Of WaterLeaf

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What Are The Health Benefits Of WaterLeaf

Waterleaf is a delicious plant for cooking various dishes. It is highly nutritious, and contributes to innumerable health benefits.

Waterleaf is botanically known as Talinum triangulare and a member of the Portulacea.

This nutrient packed vegetable, is a perennial plant;  it seeds usually sprouts out as a tiny plant, before growing into larger leaf.

It is extensively grown in the tropical regions. Waterleaf has high water content more than some leaves like ukazi.

It originated in Nigeria even though it has spread to other countries such as Asia and South America.

The green leafy vegetable, has different name base on the ethnicity, in Nigeria, the Yoruba know it as gbure, alenyruwai by the Hausa while mgbolodi in the Igbo speaking region.

Waterleaf contains vitamin C , vitamin E , potassium , calcium, iron magnesium , Beta-carotenoid, protein, dietary fiber, and omeg-3-fatty acids compounds like flavanoid, alkaloids, saponin and tannins (1) .

Waterleaf health benefits include, helping boost immune system, help improve eyes health,  lower blood pressure,  prevent and treat arthritis, regulate blood sugar level, maintain the bone, digestive health, improve skin care,  posses antioxidant, and good for hair care.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Water Leaf

1. Boost Immunity

Water leaves are rich source of iron, vitamin C,  E,  dietary fiber, omega- 3 -fatty acids. They are very important in building immune system.

Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps detoxifies the body, and stimulate White blood cells production.

White blood cells are part of immune system that helps fight infection and defend the body against foreign bodies.

2. Helps Improve Eye Health

Waterleaf is valuable when it comes to eye maintenance owing to the beta-carotenoid – a precursor of vitamin A .

vitamin A , deficiency lead to poor eye sight, muscular degeneration and night blindness. Regular consumption of water leafy helps keep eye defects at bay.

Eating water leafy also earn you natural compounds, known for elimination of free radicals which can reduce eye performance.

3. Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a risk factor of heart attack, water leaf helps regulate and optimize it.

Use of water leaves are very advantageous particularly those suffering from hypertension.

One of the essential nutrients you will obtain from water leaves are omega- 3- fatty acids, and magnesium, potassium.

In managing blood pressure, they’re very impressive. The potassium helps dilate the arteries and blood vessels – making it an excellent solution for hypertension.

4. Prevent & Treat Arthritis

Those suffering from arthritis can as well benefits from consuming water leafy. Arthritis attract redness, swelling, joint pain and muscles pains. Water leafy contain omega-3 -fatty acids, antioxidant.

They help minimize inflammation and oxidative stress so as to relieve joint pain and all symptoms linked to arthritis.

5. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol can trigger various disease such as stroke or heart attack if left uncontrolled.

Incorporating green leafy vegetables with high dietary fiber content has been the positive method to regulate it.

The presence of fiber in water leafy helps slow down full absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream. Moreover, the omega -3 – fatty acids is believed to help lower bad cholesterol and slightly improve good cholesterol levels.

It also reduce oxidation of cholesterol that can leads to arteriosclerosis.

6. Good For Digestive system

Waterleaf is an excellent source of dietary fiber and natural compounds.

Fiber is required for intestinal health, it helps improve digestive system by reducing indigestion, and stomach pain.

Application of water leaf into your meals does not limit to enhancement of bowel movement but as well as decrease bacteria growth.

7. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

To regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity and stop insulin resistant, consider intake of green leafy vegetables – water leafy.

It is often recommended by dietitians to take adequate vegetables since it improve insulin sensitivity, possibly because of the fiber and low calories it contains.

8. Maintains The Bone

Water leafy is one of the plant-based source of calcium, that is known for bone building, protection of teeth and bone.

Science has shown that deficiency of calcium in the body increase susceptibility of osteoporosis. Hence, to prevent this disease, build a stronger bone and overall well-being, water leafy should be part of your daily meals.

9. Possess Antioxidant

According to researchers, water leafy contains alkaloids, and beta-carotenoid, phytochemical components which have potential to drastically eliminate free radicals in the body. This toxins has been identified as the main causes of numerous disease in the body.

10. Improve Skin Care

As stated above, water leafy is packed with vitamin C, E and omega- 3 -fatty acids. Eating water leafy increases your chance of inhibiting skin infections such as eczema, acne, dark spot to name but a few out of the body. This is achieved by reducing inflammation in the body.

11. Good For The Hair
Water leaf helps promote hair growth and general well being of the body. Water leaf contains reasonable amount of protein, vitamin E and vitamin C. These nutrients are known for nourishment of the hair and skin.


Water leaf is one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables packed with numerous nutrients and phytochemicals.

It offers unmatched health benefits include blood sugar regulation, lower cholesterol level,  posses antioxidant and others.

What Are The Health Benefits Of WaterLeaf


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